Ranting about track (just blowing off steam)

Please forgive me, I'm just blowing off steam here. I haven't been on an MX track in over a month and now the @*&!^! track I ride has been holding practice on friday nights instead of saturday with races every saturday and practice on sunday. Even when I could go on sunday it was so crowded that I didn't even get to burn a full tank of gas! Now for the great holiday weekend, they had practice on friday night (who can get off of work in time to practice on fridays anyway??) with races all day saturday AND sunday and NOTHING on monday... ARG!!! I'm never going to get to ride again!! @(*#&712761(@*@.... Baaah....humbug... Racing sounds like fun, but when I haven't ridden in so long I don't want to pay a lot of money to sit most of the day and ride maybe 20 minutes on the track, I want to burn several gallons of gas and wear myself out with a full day of riding! AAAHHHHH!!!! To top it all off, the bike is polished up with new parts and no maintenance left to be done so I don't even have the satisfaction of being able to work on it tomorrow! BBbllllaaahhhhh........

OK, sorry you all had to witness that, I feel a little bit better... I think I'm going to go see if I can pull off some new garage seat grabs or something... If anyone has suggestions for good riding areas in S Florida and wants to ride tomorrow please send me a PM!


Girl friends work if a tracks not around :)

Dude know what ya mean, I am chomping at the bit for Monday. I have to many huney do's this weekend and I promised my wife I wouldf get them done.

A gf would be great, but my wife may not see it the same way that I would. :) Actually a day with the wife would be great, however she's going to a baptism and I need a good excuse to get out of it. I jsut talked to Ripper65 and we're going to meet up in Palm Bay tomorrow and ride the area near his house. I've never been there but he referred to it as "the compound" so if anyone else knows where this is and wants to meet us there just look for a guy with no numbers on his bike and a silver shiny helmet and that's me, come say howdy. :D



Please no CAPS


Have a good ride all of you


Well then a great game to play is the "Lucky Boy Friend :) "


Hey guys, Ripper65 (from the crf forum) saved the day. We hooked up in Palm Bay and went for an epic ride out in a deserted housing development (roads but nothing else for miles) and had a blast! I also had some really great offers from other people here but when I got the offers I had already planned with ripper65. Thanks everyone who wanted to go riding, yall really know how to pull someone out of the crapper! Now I'm tired, full of pizza and completely content... it turned out to be a great day after all. :):D

sir- there is a local track here that holds practice once a week. This guy usually does a great job of prepping the track for races and for practices BUT... every once in a while he intentionally leaves it rutted and in generally bad shape just so we can get some practice on ruts. Grrrr my big 426 does NOT like following the little 125 ruts (or maybe it's my 210# frame on the bike that doesn't like the ruts??) Anyway, the girlfriend thing sounds pretty good on days like that (if I want my wife to know I said that, I"ll tell her, OK?)...

Originally posted by sirthumpalot:

A gf would be great, but my wife may not see it the same way that I would


You could actually corner better if she were to find out you have a gf. You can move farther up on the seat because your hacky-sak would be hanging from her side of the bathroom mirror!!! :)


Im betting, if the wife finds out about a girlfriend, you corner better simply because you wont have anyone to tell ya, ya cant go riding anymore! And girlfriend never tell ya, ya cant go riding! Sometimes a girlfriend will even jump in the shower with ya when ya get home!! Ahh, the days of youth

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