WR or YZ What to do?

I have been reading the posts in this thread for quite awhile and even did a search, but have not really found an answer for this yet. I am getting ready to lay down the cash for a new bike, but I can't figure out if I want the WR or YZ. I have always had MX bikes, but there is something about the WR that is really appealing. I occassionaly ride/race a little motocross these days, but spend the majority of my time riding in the desert or trying to out climb my buddies on their 500cc two strokes. I have ridden a few yz 400/426's over the years so I am familiar with the characteristics of the bike and love it, Just hoping to get some opinions from the WR crowd.

Thanks in advance.

If your spending most of your time off the track then I say go with the WR, you already know what the YZ's all about so base your decision off of that.

Hey Newbie, I live in centerville, if you ever get down this way, look me up and I'll let you try my 03 WR 450. They are the perfect off road bike but a little heavy for moto cross.

If your going to be spending the majority of your time off the track then get the WR. If your focus is going to be track riding then get the YZ.

I race dez and most of the YZ's that I see tend to be modified to be more like the WR's. Bigger tanks, gearing changes, suspension changes, flywheel weights, etc. The gear box and suspension on a WR is better for offroad then the YZ and having a kickstand may not seem like a big deal but you'll get used to having it quick. The WR can even take on some MX tracks but not like the YZ. The YZ may be a little snappier but the WR is faster.

I recommend the WR.

Buy a YZ 450 and put a low 1st and a 5th gear in it. :)


I am in India for a few more weeks but, when I get back to UT I might look you up. How hard was it to get the bike street legal in Utah? I have visions of showing up to the MX track and beating all the MXer's on a street bike :)

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