what kind of oil do you recommend yz250

What kind of trans oil do you guys recommend in a 01 yz 250 (two smoker of course). Also I was following this guy on the track on a smoker also and he had the best smelling gas ever does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks thumpers. :)

Use a transmission oil specifically made for two smokes. Sometimes they call it "gear oil" ( not to 70/80W Hypoid stuff)It'll shift better and give you better clutch life. As for the fuel, VP has several different mixes depending on what you're looking for. Check out their website.

maxima castor 927.

On my old 2-stroke 250, I used Golden Spectro 80/90W Gear Oil (really like 30W) for the transmission. It worked great and was somewhat afordable.

In the fuel mixture I was buring Philips 66 B29 Race Gas (110 octane leaded) with Klots Supertechnoplate Oil. I was running the mix at 40:1.

Sorry about the spelling.

I have heard of some of the factory teams running formula similar to ATF fuild in their two smokes. The bean oil or syntec base as in Maxima Castrol 927 is probably what you were smelling. A lot of people run JASO MA oils. DON't run JASO MB or anything with Moly it contains friction modifiers and will make you clutch slip.

Ive been using ATF Type F in my 2 strokes for the last 10 years or so with no problems.

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