does anyone else hate lacross??

the race today was shorted because of espn2 the race was cut way short whats the deal its a borring sport all off the sudden ricky goes from 5 to 1 what happended i didnt see it cause they shorted up whats next polo tournaments over motocross???? :):D

ESPN2 does that crap to us regularly. They did say that you can catch the whole show uninterrupted.... at 4:30AM Sunday! What a crock of %#&*!!! Then... 2 hours of drag racing. Why couldn't they shorten that a bit??? What we need is for alot of people to voice their opinion here in this topic, and let's email a link to this topic for someone at ESPN to read. They probably won't care. :D:):D:D:D

well we could send them one but what do they care they get there money well like i want to get up at 4:30 to see the rest of the racin its a binch of crap the way the cheat us but amybee we should be glad we get the coverage that we do i mean 10 years ago they couldnt get that stuff but still we get screwed way to much we should fight it somehow but how??? :)

what ARE you talking about?! :) i LOVE LACROSSE! those sticks with lil nets on the end that they throw balls with? thats THE BOMB! back off lacrosse man! :D

espn2 blows, if they promise us stuff, they should get it to us. but hey, theres nothing wrong with drag racing :D

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