Leaking oil from kick starter


A friend of mine is leaking oil from his 94 xr600r kick starter. Does any one know what the name of that seal is. I keep seeing a seal set on ebay that lists the names of the seals in the package. Just didn't want to waste his time or money unless I was sure. Thanks


No Johnny, not 'washers'. Wrong...again. :)

No Johnny, not 'washers'. Wrong...again. :)

And... then you know what it is?!

And you decided not to help a Thumpertalk brutha out?! But thought it better to point me wrong?!

You're a peice of work. And what I'd call a STALKER! Go away and play in the freeway.

ended up going to the Honda shop, 6$ kick start shaft seal, looked like tire spacer in the fisc.

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