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Best wheel chock system for open trailer

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Recently got a trailer and am looking for the best / easiest system to get the bikes tied down. The trailer is a 8x5 standard landscaping trailer w/ wood deck (except open on rear (no ramp))

There's some d ring hooks on it currently which work OK but are in awkward spots so looking for another solution. I can get new anchor points welded on, but wheel chock system sounds good too. Any suggestions? No street bike hauling.. just dirt bikes.

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I just use some simple bent tube holders and nice tie downs. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QSQ8CR
I have used RiskRacing's cool step on Lock-n-load holders, but I'm not sure they are ideal on an open trailer. 
Buddies use them in enclosed trailers and love them. Plus if you have aluminum footpegs, the Lock-n-load can eat into the pegs.

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