Hot Pipe

I have noticed that when I start my 01 426 the head pipe starts to glow red after a minute or two of idle.Being new to 4 strokes I got a little nervous thinking that I may have a valve sticking or something.I called the dealer who told me that this is normal and that they tend to run alittle lean.Yesterday I spoke to a friend who is a very knowledgeable mechanic and he wanted to hear my bike run so I started it and it began to glow red almost instantly(maybe 30 seconds of idle time)My friend told me that this should not get so hot so fast.Anyone else experinced this?Is it normal for the pipe too get so hot so quickly? I probably should add that the bike is an 01 but only on the third tank of gas so it's a pretty new top end.Thanks.

I to was freaked out when I got my bike and it did exactly the same thing. The bike will get that hot when you are sitting still it will also overheat. I notice it when I am taking the kids for a trail ride and I am going slowly through the woods. I just try to limit the slow riding the bike wasnt meant to go slow and enjoy the roses...

If you like how it looks glowing...wait until you start it at night...It'll look like its going to melt!

Thanks for the quick response I was planning on riding this afternoon but was a little hesitant because I was not sure if this was normal or not.I think I will go riding.Thanks

Same thing happens to my pipe. It gets red almost instantly when it's running on idle. I haven't timed it, but I'm shure it doesn't take longer then one minute. It is a bone stock 01 and it runs great out on the track. I don't think it's something to worry about. :)

My 426 does the same thing. its gets hot sitting and idleing. once you move it gets goes away - i have almost 200 hundred hours on my bike, it has done it from day one and still now even with a FMF head pipe. the rule is just dont sit and idle long or it will overheat

The glowing header is normal, don't sweat it. :)

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