Changing tires

So I decide on trying the Maxxis IT, I drive over to Rocky Mountain MC, he says that tire is their most popular tire and they can't keep them in stock. He said they will get three hundred at a time and they are gone in two or three days. I say I got to have a new rear cause I'am leaving to ride San rafel for two days, he says the Bridgestone 402 is the nearest tire to the Maxxis, so I say I'll try it. I get it home and start changing it and start thinking about those ISDE guys that change a tire in five or ten minutes, so I try to do it real fast, well it still took me over an hour. How in the.... do those guys do it in less than ten minutes?

Lot's of lube. Astro Glide works best, or Ky. And a big rubber. Rubber mallet that is.

Waste my Astro Glide on My knobby? :)

Whats astro glide? :thinking:I hope its not a dumb question :)

Im not trying to brag.... well, ok I am :D

A buddy of mine and myself were talking about how long it takes to change a tire one time so I tried it to see how long it would take me and I pulled it off in 10 mintues and 10 seconds. :)

.... Oh, and no, I didnt pinch the tube. :D

The first time you do it, it takes over an hour, the second time it takes about 30-35 min, the thrid time you do it it takes about 25 min... until you reach something like 15-20 minutes per tire. If you do it in ten minutes, you really have to get a life or stop using knobs on pavement.... :D:):D

something is true though, use a lot of lubricating stuff, it helps a lot.

Astro Glide is like KY Jelly, its used as a lubricant in medical procedures and love making, mainly for us older folks. MoMilkman you da man if you can do it in ten minutes, change a tire that is.

Astro for love making? I call it "Red Hot Female Monkey LovE :) :cheers:"

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