Trail Tools

So I was just curious, what tools are standard tools that one should have on the trail with him/her, and how do you pack them on a WR?

Metric wrenches, sockets, screw drivers, tube, quiksteel, air pump or cartridges, goggle cleaner, first aid kit, zip tys, TP for your bung hole, beer/ice in my back pack.


its always good to go with a buddy for obvious reasons. remember that what you pack probably wont be what you need out in the field--Murphys law.

I always carry the plug wrench, a couple extra plugs, ratchet, sockets ranging from 8mm to 14mm with an extension, extra clutch lever, zip-ties, duct tape, screwdriver, a couple extra bolts with blue locktite already on, steel puddy, slime and a bicycle hand pump. That pretty much covered anything I broke on the trail. Keep it all in my backpack. It weighs enough but beats pushing the pig back to the truck.

Man that seems like a butt load of stuff, I was thinking maybe a spare plug/wrench and maybe stuff to fix a flat.

When you get 40 miles up a trail... you may want all that... and more... especially beer! :)


The spare plug is a good thing to carry. But I doubt you will ever need it on a good tuned WR/YZ.

It also depends on how far away from mankind you plan on riding. If your going to be on a track then you really don't need a thing.

If your in the dez or forest miles away from a dirt road then things change. I suggest 8,10,12 sockets and open end wrenches. Also if you have any allen bolts which you will. Then take a couple of allen wrenches as well with you. 4,5,6mm should do the trick. Also carry a 21" front tube and some tire levers as well as a good lube. In a pinch a 21" front works in the back no problem. You may also want to consider a air source in case you have to actually use the tubes. I carry a Blackburn MTB pump. It has no problems filling a front or rear tire.

Also carry a good set of philips and slot drivers as well.

I also carry spare levers. Have you ever tried to ride on a nasty trail with no front brake or clutch lever? If so you know why I carry them. Also some duct tape and electrical tape, as well as various sizes of zip ties never hurt.

It all really depends on where you will be riding. Oh and one more thing make sure that you have a wrench big enough to tackle both the front and rear axle bolts. Freddete racing makes a killer tool for getting the wheeles off your bike in a jam.

Like I said before what you carry really depends on where you will be riding.

As far as packing this stuff I wear a fox tool pouch that wraps around your waist. I also put some of it in my MULE Camelback. My spare tube sits in a Moose racing front fender pack. Water may just be the most important thing you take on any long trail ride.

JB WELD!! Don't leav home without it.

just remember, good preventative maintenance on your bike will go a long way to preventing break downs. I would add a good compass and weatherproof matches to everything already listed.

Always pack toilet paper! :)


Plus The old chainbreaker. Ballards in OZ sell mini chainbreakers (matchbox size)and the tools to use chainbreaker double as tyre levers.

I recently replaced my ratchet and extension with a T-handle and carry the usual sockets, plus sockets with phillips and slotted screwdriver tips. Next I need to get sockets with metric allens and then I'm covered. I really like the T-handle vice a ratchet, and it's lighter too.

A bit of safety wire has saved me on the trail before, roll about 2' into a small ball and throw it in the pack.

Zip ties ROCK!

Thought I would never need a spare tube and tire irons, but when I got a flat 10 miles from the truck (where my tube, irons and pump were)the other day, I felt pretty stupid. Luckily, I was riding with TT'ers, so I was saved. :)

I carry 100 oz camelback (water only), and regularly drink it all on longer rides. Anything smaller would NOT be enough for me.

JB WELD!! Don't leav home without it.

I don't like JB because you have to mix it... makes a mess!

Quicksteel is much more trail friendly and it doesn't get squished and ooze all over the bottom of a back pack like JB can.


Is there a company that has a good trail kit that can bought, rather than trying to pack a garage full of equipment.

Which Tools do you need?

Here's how I decide.

I do a "dry"(what if) run at home in the garage.

I start by setting up the most likely senarios.

1)broken lever.

a)install Acerbis Rally hand guards.

b)carry extra levers

I chose a)

2)flat tire on a long ride.(over 50 miles from truck)

a)Install HD tubes before the ride.

b)Install slime in the tubes before the ride.

c)carry a spare front tube in a pack on front fender.

d)carry Co2's and a hand pump.

e)carry a tube patch kit.

f)don't forget 2 tire iron's.




I have all of the above.

3)Flat tire (under 50 miles from truck)

a)ride it

4)Hole in gas tank.

a)Quick Steel


c)tow strap

I chose a) and c)

5)Broken shift lever

a)Vise grips (many other uses as well.)

b)regular pliers

I chose a)

6)Lost bolts.

a)carry an assortment of bolts and nuts.


7)Hungry ?, Tired? Bonked? Thirsty

a)Energy bar



d) all of the above

8)Got stuck and need to Bivwack (sp. ?)

a)matches or a fire starter kit.

b)space blanket

c)cell phone


I carry all of the above.

9)I have fallen and need 1st aid.

a)super glue


c)duct tape

d)gauze dressing

e)tow strap to be used as part of a splint.

I carry all of the above.

10)Enough wrenches to remove the gas tank,seat,levers handlebars,fenders, radiators,wheels,side panels, ect.

Do a "dry" run with your pack at home.

11)hole in Radiator?

a)small amount of "stop leak". I put mine in a small plastic bottle.


12)Electrical short or bad wire?

a)electrical tape.

b)small amount of wire.

c)wire nuts

I have all of the above

13)Safety wire, duct tape,Multi pliers with saw, and zip ties for everything else.


Wrap the duct tape around your tire irons or a fork tube.

Stuff zip ties into your crossbar pad.

Keep tire irons,Co2,and tube in the front fender pack.

Zip tie your tow strap to the handguard or any other part of the bike.

Each item I carry has saved the day or night at least once.


BAJA 2000 finisher (solo)

Is there a company that has a good trail kit that can bought, rather than trying to pack a garage full of equipment.

Try this site they make exactly what you're looking for :)

I'm supprised that no one mentioned a spare master link and clip. :)

Flywheel puller, spare woodruff keys and all the related tools needed to change it on the trail. :):D

You guys crack me up :D :D

If I carry all that stuff, I'd need a trailer :D.

Been riding since '71. So far I have ridden out on flats 3 times, no rear brakes once, broken clutch cable once, broken levers countless times! But only one time has my ride been incapable of getting back to the truck!

Keeping your ride in tip-top condition is 99.9%.

For me, a knife, zippo and a few bucks is all I need. I used the hear "Bullet Proof" all the time on this forum, so what's up with all the trail tools :).

P.S. - The only time I was left stranded was on the WR 28 miles from camp. Maybe I should carry a complete engine for next time a valve breaks? Actually, the 12' piece of rope is all I need. Used one time on my ride, many times to pull out other riders that didn't bring along the garage bench.

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