Trail Tools

when im a long way from my truck i carry:

-10,12,14mm stubby ratchet wrenches

-folding mountain bike Allen key tool.

-#2 Philip's

-1/4" ratchet

-1/4" extension

-1/4" 8,10,12mm sockets

-needle nose piers with cutters

-30cm adjustable wrench




all of the above is light and small except the big "Saskatchewan socket" :). i would never use such a nasty tool at work or at home. but in the bush it is priceless. axles are anything from 19mm to 27mm depending on what your buddies are riding.

if im 100km + from anything i get a buddy to carry:


-mtb pump

-2 small tire levers

see pics below for my six days of michigan kit -- everything was in the rear fender pack which came from on my back was water, garmin etrex gps, and a couple of food bars. i like to feel light in the saddle, hence no fanny pack. note that i was riding with a buddy, and we split up the weight -- he had tire irons and a spare front tube, and a couple of other things.

from left to right:

--moose CO2 reinflation kit.

--lic/reg/ins papers and at least $20 in cash, all in a waterproof zip-lock.

--homemade tow strap from nylon webbing.

--butane cigar lighter (much more effective than matches).

--matches as backup.

--SOG "ParaTool" multipurpose folding tool: knife/pliers/cutters/saw/drivers etc. - the ParaTool is just awesome.

--CruzTools "Outback'R M14": a fold-up that includes hex wrenches, 8/10/12mm sockets, screwdriver X 2, and a flat open end wrench.

--T-handles: Motion-Pro 8/10/12mm (i really need to get a single one with three sockets on it, less weight).

--Advil bottle: includes advil, hay faver, and anti-wetpoop pills.

--35mm film cannister: holds 2 spare AA batts for GPS and some loose change.

--Poly hose, 5/16" ID x 1.5ft long for transfer of fuel, or any other McGyver-like need.

--Tie wraps, Assorted lengths.

not shown:

--a spare bite valve.

--a whistle.

the only things i carry in my low profile camelbak (besides the water) are my GPS (garmin Etrex) and a couple of food bars. i never ever eat my last bar, it's reserved for emergency use only.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f



oh, almost forgot...





freddette racing products (FRP) make a nice "combo" wrench that fits both the front and rear axle nuts:

click this link

for the YZF/WRF i belive that you need the 22mm + 27mm combo wrench. originally i was going to buy a pair of Craftsman combination box/open end wrenches in 22mm and 27mm, cut them in half, and weld the two box ends back together again to make a trail wrench. but the FRP wrench is lighter and cheaper.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Hey Wroster,

I'm in No Jersey, you gonna do the SDOM this year again?

What about Hancock?


Hey Wroster,

I'm in No Jersey, you gonna do the SDOM this year again?

What about Hancock?



yes, i will be at SDM this year. my brother-in-law and a couple of our pals will be out there as well. since it's the 20th anniversary running there is a "discount" of 5% for each prior year you have participated.

are you going out to SDM as well?

also, what's/where's hancock?


jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

ps to anyone who is interested in this GREAT week long ride:

then click on the link in my sig for last year's writeup.

if you want to know what a typical daily SDM route map looks like:

In addition to my previous list.

16)Spare light bulb carried inside an Acerbis sparkplug holder.

I should also add this disclaimer.

My list of item's is what I carry when going on "long" rides

What's a "long" ride?

Well the last ride was 250 miles on the first day.

We have been known to ride over 300 miles a day.

Often times we will ride 4 days in Baja with no support truck. You need to be prepared.


I'm thinking about SDM, I have to drop mt son off to Military Camp that week in Wis. So maybe.....

Hancock, is upstate NY just before Binghamton, I think July 17 but I'm not sure. They ran the ISDE qualifyer there last year and it was a mud-fest for sure.

A lot closer than Michigan though only 2 days

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