anyone mx an xr600?

I've got two dual sported xr600s. Should I sell one and pick up an mx bike or terrorize the vet class with the xr?

Im not sure how you will do with a BRP on a track but I have discovered it to be a humbling experience and whats more, those bikes hit the ground HARD. BTW, I have seen people ride them on the track not ripping but having fun..

Mine are white. Will that make a difference, LOL

I ride a '94 XR600 and we ride at a privately owned riding area. and they have 23,000 acres of trail riding and a smaller supercross style track and a very long, through the woods MX track and it is a job working that big bike over the whoops and jumps, but I do it. Remember to be on the gas as you leave the jump since the engine compression causes the front end to dive down off the jump, but I'm sure you know all about that.I had to find out the hard way after just riding 2 strokes in my younger years. I don't soar over the doubles and triples like the 16 yr olds on their 200lb. 125's, but I've also had a few bone breaking wrecks over the years and I'm glad that I think I use good judgement on how quick to hit these jumps so that I can make it to the next jump as well as work on Monday. The berms are always fun and the MX track is fast and long with quite a few smaller jumps that don't launch you 20 ft. up. I love my bike in the woods and all of the trails around here, but you can definitely feel the weight trying to jump ,and worse land a 300 lb. bike and I'm no small guy either. 500 lbs+ comes down pretty hard. Buy a CRF450 or 250 and you'll loose about 75lbs. with plenty of power. especially with the 450. Good luck!

I ride my 650 on the track. The first time I took it to the track I did 50 miles. This is a fast and long track. Had a blast. I think you will have fun with the 600. I won't be doing big air jumps on any bike.

I've got two dual sported xr600s. Should I sell one and pick up an mx bike or terrorize the vet class with the xr?

Sell one and get an MX bike. I expect the only terror would come from when they are using your bike as a speed bump.

Run it!! I raced xr 600's from '97 to '00. MX, grand prix's, desert... in the right hands, an XR600 can still do anything. (just don't jump the 90' double at perris, this may cause the bottom triple clamp to crack in half) :thumbsup: Remember kids, buying a fast-modern bike doesn't mean our lap times will get faster...peace

Why did you stop?

Ezra Lusk's broken fib-tib ankle punctured lung has me re-thinking my return to motocross. :thumbsup:

Remember kids, buying a fast-modern bike doesn't mean our lap times will get faster...peace

That's not exactly true. If you can run an overweight under suspended wide ratio bike on some of these modern MX tracks, your lap times will be better on a modern MX bike. I know from experience that you can get around a track faster on an MX bike than you can an XR400 and I would guess that a dual-sported XR600 would be that much worse.

But I agree this much: if your going to putz around the track, then you will be slow on whatever you ride. If that is the case, you probably don't belong in a race anyway.

I stopped because Yamaha came out with a lightweight, better suspended MX four stroke. Prior to '98-'99 we didn't have much choice. My opinion, the guy(or girl) having the most fun at the track is the winner. My experience-- a properly suspended xr 600 can do very well on most MX tracks. It's just not necessary to have a brand new bike to have fun. I would be willing to bet don87xr600's lap times would be better on his trusty old steed, than they would be on windham's 450....Let's gamble :thumbsup: Ron

Be serious.

I am sure you can find even more exaggerated examples of bikes that would have too much power that the average guy couldn't handle, but lap times would be quicker on a yz250f or other similar bike as opposed to an xr600 on most MX tracks.

I don't know exactly what kind of tracks you are talking about but I am referring to tracks with actual jumps and whoops. I also don't know what you consider to be doing very well, but cruising around at the back of the vet class isn't doing all that well in my opinion. Proper suspension or not, you still have to deal with the weight and a frame that isn't quite up to the task.

In actual racing, it isn't about taking a bike least suited for the task and cruising around for fun. Go to the practice track for that. Slow people on the wrong bike are actually dangerous and I'll gamble that somebody on an XR600 in a vet class would simply be in the way.

You can reminisce about the mid ninetees all you want, but considering we are ten years past all that, it doesn't apply anymore.

James, the original question was "anyone MX an xr600?" I have. Therefore, my opinion may be valuable to this man. It seems that you think MX and SX are the same. I don't see where I told him to grab a handful of clutch and hammer thru a big set of whoops, do you? I simply stated my experience with the XR600.

I read some of your other posts....specifically one where you told a guy an xr 400 can wheelie in 1st or 2nd gear, and 3rd if you pull up on the bars....Have you ever ridden an XR400?? Can you even wheelie a motorcycle??? Last week in Mex I was standing on the seat of a stock Xr400 yanking a 5th gear wheelie....News flash James, Good riders can make even slow bikes do amazing things. I also enjoyed the part in our discussion where you told me about "actual racing" and that "an XR600 in the vet class would simply be in the way"...Maybe if you were the rider :thumbsup: If It was me turning the throttle, I would be battling for the win...

Also, if I was Don87xr600, I would be a little upset at your being in the way, using his 600 as a speedbump...From what I can tell from your posts, you're the speedbump!

This has been fun James, thank you for reminding me why I don't post very often.. Ron Wilson :awww:

I did have an XR400 and when people ask if it will wheelie, they usually mean power wheelie. If they were wheelie masters like yourself, then they wouldn't have to ask that question would they? So yes, I can wheelie a motorcycle and on an XR400 specifically, I can wheelie it in 1st and 2nd with the power alone and mostly on power in third. Wheelies aside, I quickly realized that even someone as slow as I could go faster on the MX track with an MX bike.

I did specifically say that I don’t know which tracks Don was talking about racing on, but around here, the tracks have whoops, doubles, triples, and so on. So do you race the vet class on an MX track currently? Does your track have any jumps on it? Does it not get whooped out with braking bumps and such if it doesn’t have whoops to begin with? Are all of the guys in your vet classes somewhat slow? I don't really care to know, but if you really did race, then it would be quite apparent to you that anybody racing an XR600 would be at a serious disadvantage in a vet class if the track was much more than flat. Also, you'd probably realize that if they could ride the 600 well, they'd be better served by getting a competitive bike.

So seriously, set your frail ego aside and think about it, would you race an XR600 or would you get an MX bike if you had the option?? No need to answer because you already bought the “lightweight, better suspended MX four stroke” Yamaha 6 years ago. If the 600 wasn’t up to snuff then, imagine how much worse it is now.

Every now and then we see somebody on a DRZ400 going around the track, dead last, getting lapped (in the way). Other than that, everybody can pretty much figure out that they need an MX bike if they truly want to race – racing is not just riding around the track from what I am told.

FYI, here is the original question I was answering.

Should I sell one and pick up an mx bike or terrorize the vet class with the xr?

It doesn't say anything about "amaze me with your talents at racing antique bikes." I am sure you can do all kinds of impressive things on all kinds of slow bikes, but unlike you, Don seemed like a common sense kind of guy looking for a common sense kind of answer....not some story about the good old days and how awesome people such as yourself can win on a heavy under-suspended bike. I think if you had common sense, we wouldn't be having this discussion. I am sure you can beat me and most people even at supercross on your XR600 and I am sure everybody is as impressed as I am by your skills. I know a guy who is REAL FAST on an xr100, but he doesn’t go around recommending them for MX - and funny thing is, he really doesn't have any sense.

This has been fun James, thank you for reminding me why I don't post very often..

I try to do my part and hopefully I can remind you to the point that you don’t post at all :thumbsup:

Ya James! you asked me a question...would I rather ride a 600 or a new mx bike. The answer is a new bike. I've had a '99 yz400, a '01 yz426, and as soon as honda came out with the 450 in '02 I bought one. That's not true, I waited a few months and bought a used one.

Not once did I say a 600 can perform like a new lightweight four stroke. I also didn't say anything about my ability to "supercross an XR600" that was all you.

If Don sells his 87 XR600...maybe for $1,000 - $1500...what modern lightweight MX bike should he buy with the money???

My point was, and still is, it's not necessary to buy a new bike to have fun on a track.

I signed my name to the last post, thinking maybe you would do a little research... But you didn't. Assuming people are old and slow is not the way to make friends.

I think it's great that we disagree- that what makes this country great.

As far as you accusing me of not having any common sense...I'd have to agree with you on that one...I'm actually arguing with a guy who does first gear wheelies on an XR400 :thumbsup: Sorry, I couldn't resist, love, Ron

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