never starts

i have a new 426 i have always had this problem. This bike will never start after it has sit over night. I have tried brands of gas jetting on carb leaner and richer hotter plugs made sure not too much oil on filter, I all the electronics checked on it blue wire mod and also the bk mod, yes made sure i am starting it right. even when i am done riding i turn the gas off drain it and on top dead center. I have tried everthing i can think of. Anybody have any ideas. I have to race tomorrow.

If your bike has done this from day one than you need to take it back to the dealer and let them handle it. The bike is not right and if you paid $6k for a bike it should after sitting after night.

I am going to ask an obvious question, are you giving it gas when you try to start it?

Chris B,

I hade your exact problems, a lot of people blamed me too, hang in there, I took it back to the dealer, a mechanc dropped the needle, turned air screw out, and did something to my floats, he also put a hotter plug in. Now the worthles piece of crap I use to own start first kick and doen't foul plugs after one ride. Take it to the dealer man. Good luck.


Ya still hate the yz huh, Kinda like a bad marrage isnt it. Love hate relationship.

What I find odd here is you took it to the dealer that did exactly what all of TT dome were telling you to do.

Am I missing something or what.

I am sorry you have a bad taste for yz now, thngs could be worse, ya could have owned a KTM or worse a cannondale :)

Stick with the float level being to high! Go back to the original temp plug. The guy at the shop though he looks bright, is no match for the designer. Btw dont just turn off the gas when you are thru riding. Let it die by turning off the gas and run or idle it til it dies. Is the carb straight up and down or cocked slightly? Make sure it is straight up and down. Good Luck

Do yourself a huge favor. You may know the drill, but if youve been riding two strokes for a while, your probably just barley crackin the throttle when a ya kick it. Put your hand on the brake resi. when you run through the drill. I hope this helps out. Also, check the float level. Its probably too high, wheather or not that the problem.

WHEATHER? GOOD LORD, what am I? A Senior in college? :)

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