picture of the 03 yzf in db.

i just saw the picture of the yz450f in the last db. issue.

looks great and as they said 10-15 pound weight reduction, i think ill go for one - but if the wr will come with the 'magic button' ill go 4 it.

engine and cases looks different so ill have to say goobye to a few of the mods i have on my 2000.

Get that scanner working and post some pics, I want to see. Pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):D:D:D

What are you talking about? I have a subscription to 7 different national MX magazines (including the one you listed), all they have shown is what is going on in EUROPE, and what it could look like, not the actualy production bike, please post pictures then...15 pounds....not likely, remember Honda "claims" there bike weighs 225lbs., but what does it "really" weigh... 233lbs. Look for a total weight savings of around 5-10 pounds, remember Yamaha still uses a steel frame, so weight lose is going to be hard... The '02 YZF weighs around 250 lbs...Look for the '03 to weigh around 242 lbs soaking wet, and be alot easier to start...I can't wait, I'm trying to decide between the CRF and the YZF, I can't wait untill dealer shows in the next couple of months to see what the bike will REALLY look like, and how much it will weigh. If you want the best reviews take a culmanation of magazines and see what they are all saying about the bike. Don't just look to "Yamaha Action Magazine" if you know what I mean...

I read somewhere that the CRF frame is 3 pounds lighter and the engine 2.

So I don't think a steel frame precludes a heavy bike. Chrome moly would be nice...

cycle world (i know its a street rag) did a comparison between the yzf/crf/rfs and took the bikes apart and weighed all the pieces. The crf aluminum frame was 1 pound lighter than yamaha's and the swingarm was 1 lb lighter.

The engine was also only one pound lighter. The ktm frame (steel) was one pound lighter than the aluminum honda. The honda had lighter brakes but the yamaha had lighter wheels and lighter exhaust. I added and subtracted for comparison everything they weighed and could only come up with 5 pounds of weight savings on the honda over the yzf. The difference has to be in the nuts and bolts and possibly the oil lines if they did not count them in with the engine or frame weight. I just cant find the other 10 lbs. Also the pictures in the new dirtbike are of efferts GP bike not a 03 yzf.

Did you consider things like the extra amount of oil in the yz?

Are you sure the Honda exhaust was/is heavier??

It's got a Ti header, don't it???

Yes, the nuts and bolts make quite a bit of weight savings when you add them all up. The CRF has aluminum nuts for the front axle and top steering stem. Everything that would have a 12mm hex head on other bikes has a 10mm head on the CRF. The hubs are supposed to be very light, the rear brake very light, the spokes are fat at the end and then taper down thinner.. it all ads up.

As for the '03 YZF450 expect the same basic frame and motor (only bumped to 450cc) as the '02 with lighter componets like the Honda has and most likely an automatic decompressor like the Honda. Let me tell you, my YZF starts fine, first or second kick every time and for a couple years I was always telling people on this board how the starting issue is no big deal. Well, after living with my CRF for six months now and getting used to the auto decompressor it's a hassle when I ride my YZF. I'm sure Yamaha will add this for '03 and you guys will thank them for it.

Are you sure the Honda exhaust was/is heavier??

The CRF muffler is a boat anchor, it's unbelievably heavy. According to Dirt Rider magazine's CRF exhaust comparison, my Yoshimura Tri-Oval saves 3.8 pounds. I've been meaning to take my bike to weigh it on the certified scale at a metal place near me but I haven't got around to it yet.

Yes, according to cycle world the ti header only saved one ounce over yamaha's stainless but hondas muffler was about a pound heavier. That is not to say that aftermarket ti headers arent lighter than Honda's. Honda makes them to last and probably uses thicker walls and look at the flange at the head, thick enough? Also yamaha may have a very lightweight stainless header.

Yes I considered the oil. If you add the oil in the enguine to the oil in the trans the honda holds nearly the same as the yzf, its just in two compartments.

Originally posted by mxrider426:

Did you consider things like the extra amount of oil in the yz?

I will check when I get home, but if you total up the seperate engine oil and tranny oil in the CRF, I think its about the same as the oil in the YZF.

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