hey guyz....time to get a new helmet...i want to spend around $150 - $200... im liking the NO FEAR Optimal helmet....anything else to consider in that price range? thanks alot guyz :)

You can get the HJC AC-X2 on ebay for like 159.00, thats a sweet deal for an awesome helmet!!!

Check out the new bell helmet for about 200 bucks it looks sick, :D the one I saw was black with red flames around the bottom. and I think it was at www.motosport.com :)

I ruined my Thor at Splendora two weeks ago. I bought and M2R Rev2 off of e-bay for $70!!! They are $200 helmets. Alot of people really like them because they are super light (2.8 lbs or something). Then again some people don't like them for one reason or another. I figure for $70 I can't go wrong.

You only have one head, use it wisely!

I am a big fan of the TLD, Shoei and Arai helmets for comfort and protection. You get what you pay for! I just bought a new TLD after a few to many years in my Shoei.

But the HJC Chromiums are a very nice lid for the money.

I have to put my vote out for HJC AC-X2 helmets. They are very affordable and have a vaiety of colors to make people happy. Oh, I forgot to mention that they are one of the best helmets made. They also make helmets for a number of clothing companies like Thor.

No body like the no fear helmets? :)

No body like the no fear helmets? :)

Who cares? If you like the look and the helmet fits you good, go ahead and get one. I don´t think anybody tries to sell a non-certified helmet any more.

I have the Arai with the detachable nose or whatever. It is pretty much the lightest helmet made and I like it a lot.

i think im gonna go for the arai vx-pro i found for 350 new! its a leftover....so how do they fit compared to shoei...i wear a large shoei so a large arai? thanks Pete

Shoei and Arai are not even close in how they fit. If the shoei fits you really well you better try on the arai first. Totally different helmets. I have an Arai head can even get the Shoei in the same size on. Good luck

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