2 Master Links?

I have a newer O-ring chain, which broke due to installing the master link clip backwards (my bad :D) The chain is now a link too short :) One of my friends mentioned I could use two master links and still utilize the chain.

Need some feed back on this-

Is this not a good idea?

Generally this is frowned upon. The masterlink is already possibly the weakest point in the chain, adding two is not a good idea. That said, new chains are expensive. If you add a second, try to make it a rivet type masterlink. Those are stronger than the clip type and less likely to cause problems. The local motorcycle shop should be happy to install it for you for a few bucks, especially if you buy the link from them. It requires an expensive tool so you will need to either buy the tool or find someone with the tool (like the local bike shop) who will install it for you.


I thought you already bought a replacement chain for the broken one? You just wanting to still be able to use your high-dollar O-ring chain? Just let me know if you decide to use the 2 master link set up so I can avoid you at the track and avoid the flying debris a snapped chain may cause! :)

Contrary to what many believe, the master link is no weaker than the rest. We regularly run 2 Masters on 100hp plus XRs...yes they use the same size chain as your 450...with absolutely no problems.

Sirthumpalot- I knew I should have PM'd you to begin with :D I'm going to check with my dealer on this, thanks!

Fastenuf4u- I loved my O-ring chain because I didn't have to adjust it every 4 laps :):D Your just jealous of my flashy chain!

dirt track racers run two master links all the time. do to track size gearing is changed alot. one track you may run a 40 tooth rear sprocket or another track up to a 60. two masters allows you to do this with out changing wheel base or having 20 different size chains. i dont think i would worry about having two master links at all.

From a tensile strength perspective, I can see no issue with two master links, but I do think the retaining clip is a weak point and having two amplifies the issue.My clip broke last week and I feel very fortunate that the chain flew outward and did not wad up around my motor casing.JMHO

There shouldn't be any problem with running two clip type master links at all.

The most important thing with clip masters is that you take care of the clip. Always remove and replace them properly. Prying them apart with a screw driver is a mistake and can warp the clip.

If you take good care of your chain and inspect it often (as you should do anyway) you will see zero problems.

If it really bothers you to run two (which it shouldn't) you can always peen the heads of the master pins.

It only take a small amount of peening to keep the link intact even if the clip does happen to fly off.

Never peen a chain pin at the sprocket, place a large sledge behind the master and use a ball-peen hammer to slightly deform the pin heads (after placing the clip on properly).

Keep you chains well lubed and properly adjusted! :)

I have run two ML for almost two seasons now with no problems.

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