What is "Carlsbad Blue Groove" terrain?

I have been tire shopping and was looking at the Kenda Carlsbad, and they say it is designed for "Carlsbad Blue Groove" terrain. I know that Carlsbad is a legendary track in California, but what is the Blue Groove all about? I know someone out there can help me out. Thanks.

well, I just rode there Sat.

Blue Groove is clay that has been packed down and dried. Basically it's as hard as Cement.

It turns blue after riding on it a while.... it's basically rubber from the tires. Just like a skid mark.

It's amazingly hard when dry, and unbelievably slippery when wet.

well, I just rode there Sat.

Me too... and it was amazingly nice compared to some days. "John" said he had worked the dirt on Saturday after the hard rains.... nice to ride there with such optimum conditions for that track.

I sure hope it stays open long enough for the Christmas GP!! Last one was awesome.

I appreciate the quick response from both of you guys. I ride at a privately owned area here in the Atlanta GA area. www.durhamtown.com that has 23,000 acres of all kinds of riding and most are one way marked trails with some being Bike&ATV and others for Bikes only and most of the terrain is very close to what you are describing at Carlsbad in that it is very hard packed, extremely slippery when wet, to the point where while in a wet area this weekend, my tire was so caked up that it just spun me around me in almost a complete circle until it fell over. Sounds like very similar terrain on opposite coasts. Thanks again, I think I'll order the Kenda Carlsbad and give it a try.

No problem, even though I didn't offer much.

Either way... I don't like to ride in mud too much. It just causes problems.

But when on a track or even out in Mex... I run into it often. I currently use a D756 for the rear. Not too costly... and perfect for the different places. Plus, the make a D739 A/T as well... I've used it solely on the XR for long hauls through Mex... the damn thing is like a million ply sidewall. Tough tire! Used with a heavy duty tube... it's done me well. Both about $55 if you shop'em.


that was the first time I ever rode the lower track. If you ever see me out there (#151 Black CRF) come by and say hi.

The track did seem to be in good shape. I can imagine how bad it gets. I am running a 739AT.. but hoping to try a Maxxis IT next. Heard they should work great!

In fact.... by the end of the day... man, that place gets choppy. Definitely a good track for stamina! It made me realize how out of shape I am!

It's mind boggling that Decoster and all those other guys could rip around there for 30+ minutes on 500's!!!

I was hoping to make it to the Upper Trackthis weekend.... but I probably won't be able to make it.

Oh and the drags were cool to see as well. Man that red Camaro was badarse!!

here is a pic of my bike if you ever want to say hi:


10-4... I did see ya, only cuz I looked at your bike... it looks similar to what my old CR5 looked like. All black and such.

But ya... I can't hold on all day out there. The up hills and down hills wear me out pretty quick. I'm good for a solid 7 laps then I start to fade. So no worries... it beats us all up. :thumbsup:

Let me know how the Maxxis works... I won't make Carlsbad this weekend :awww: I'll be in LA. Sucks. I wanna ride!!

I'll shoot ya a pic of my bike so you know the same of me. Basically it's a CRF with yellow backgrounds and no numbers. I'm in all red/white FOX gear.

Take care!!

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