WR426 Head gasket

After takeing a 17 year break away from bouncing off of trees and rocks I decided to start riding again and get my 11 year old son envolved as well. So I picked up an 02 WR426 for myself and a TTR125 for my son both bikes seem to have ridden verry little and seem to be in great shape cosmeticly as well as mecanical. Now after riding a couple of times I have desided to put my head porting skills to work to pump out a few more ponies from my beast of a bike. Here is the question does anybody know the compressed thickness of the head gasket, and witch headgasket is the best to use. :)

i think when you take the head off, you might find little room for improvement. I'm not trying to discourage you. but if yami can do one thing, they can do a head.

take some befor and after pictures four us.

You may be rite but I just don't see a little Japanese man with a die grinder smoothing and contouring every little bump to maximize airflow. And I'm sure that the combustion chamber could use some polishing to do away with any potential hot spots that could lead to detination. :)

Been there, done that. I cleaned-up my intake track and shined a few areas using my old tricks from the drag racing days. Yes, you will feel a differance in the throttle,just a little. Yamaha does make a pretty good head. If you have the time, do it. I like my results, 4th. gear hits way harder now. :)

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