Sand track setup.

I have a 03 YZF 450 with Race tech suspense. Anyone have any suggestions for racing at a sand track. I rode one last week and was getting pounded. I am set up for med to hard dirt tracks. My forks felt hard, I was getting a tone of arm pump and my rear was kicking around alot. I was squeezing the bike as hard as I could, but still was getting rocked, any tips would be great.

I've never ridden in the dunes, but depending on the season we have a lot of soft sand here in S. FL. One thing that I must say is do not hold on too tight!! The bike will want to move around alot, if you grip it and try to keep it steady you'll pump up like a rock in no time. You have to learn to relax a bit and get used to the bike wondering a little. Also don't sit up too far or the front will feel like it's going to wash out when it moves around. Sit back a little and it will be easier to control. Just relax, don't sit too far forward and you'll get the nack. All of that said, maybe these guys who ride in the dunes have better advice, but this works for me when the sand is soft around here. :)

03 Yamaha's are just plain harsh in sand. You need to have the midvalve softened in the forks to get rid of that. In sand you need stiff slow suspension. Slow the rebound down and try to wheelie over as much as possible to keep from having the forks slam on you.

80% of my riding is done at the dunes here in Idaho. I recently picked up an '04 450 thinking it would make a great dune bike. After three rides on the sand I'm extremely dissapointed...the bike wanders more than a drunk driver and the four speed isn't cutting it...too under geared for my taste. I've tried numerous suspension settings and haven't found one that I like. Should have done my homework before I made the purchase. I'm sure I'll get flamed for what I've said but I tell em like I see em. If anyone feels different I'm open to suggestions.

I am alittle surprised about the suspension. I have an 03 and an 04 and I think the 04 suspension is wonderful. Especially after I had it revalved. Have you thought about that at all? As for the gearing there is not much to be said. You either love it or hate it.

Who did your revalving? What are the notable differences? My biggest complaint is with the forks and the initial stroke; they seem to transmit too much to the rider leading to premature fatigue...the forks also seem to induce a lot of headshake and instability when it gets rough(keep in mind this is all on sand). I bleed the forks of air on a regular basis which helps a little, but not enough. I think a steering stabilizer could help a lot.

Tony Teachworth at AAT did mine. They're website is He's here in Michigan. He does great work and doesnt charge a whole lot. What do you have your Compression clickers set at? Have you tried backing them out to like 15 or 16 out?

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