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Bryan Bosch


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On 1/13/2019 at 10:47 PM, TDW said:

Lopes was down at least three times yesterday, so who knows how many laps he was down? Unbelieveable but he didnt quit!

This was in the LCQ, he was leading the LCQ and had a one more lap to go.  The race was not over and both Ralph mouth and Ricky called him the winner.  Then Lopes kept riding since he had another lap to go and neither one of them acknowledged it.  

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To me Ralph Sheheen is the worst. He got the calls wrong all night. It was not only the finish of the LCQ but he misidentified racers passing others or what position they were in etc... In fact the coverage in general is bad. They miss key passes or battles and whoever is producing it just doesn't seem to be tuned in to the flow of the race and seems to be randomly showing riders sometimes. I kept yelling at the tv when I would hear something going on and knowing it was a major pass.


As far as RC goes I have to give him a pass for the season. As a full time booth color commentator this is his rookie year.  I have watched his trackside reporting before and he wasn't the best but he has improved quite a bit. They all have to start somewhere.  


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