need help starting my 01 426 when its hot

Over the winter I bought an 01 yz 426 and I have ridden it this spring a couple times. But if I stop and talk to my friends or whatever the bike becomes the most frusterating thing in the world to start. Enough that I want to sell the thing. I know all about the hot start lever and all on the carb. I just have the hardest time starting when the bike is hot. When its cold I can start it no problem with 2 or 3 kicks. When its hot its more like 20 or 30 kicks. Its not like I'm not kicking hard enough either, I get my whole body into it and I'm going the right direction also Should I get a new jet or something, any suggestions are appreciated. :)

You may be running too rich, so its very easy to start cold but hard to start hot? Just a thought, im still learning this jetting thing. :)

any suggestions for jets at 650 ft. elevation (chicago) :)

Are you positive that you're not touching the throttle when you kick?

I'm in Chicago's what works on my '01 426:

42 pilot

168 main

2.25 out on the fuel screw

Disconnect the neutral switch completely

BK Mod

Dr. D Hotstart lever ( keeps me from touching the throttle when starting)

IF you are fairly new to four strokes it takes a while to get the knack after being on a too smoker. I found the easiest way to start them when Hot make sure its at TDC on the compression stroke( or until kicker is hardest to push), NO GAS, Hot start, and a very even constant kick all the way from top to the pegs(not a two stroke kick). It doesn't matter rain, heat, snow, motor hot or cold mine always fires first kick.

You must remember NOT to use any throttle whatsoever when starting her hot. When the bike is stone cold, no running for a day, a quick shot or two of the throttle but no more than that. But when she's hot, you gotta follow the start out, kick up to compression, pull decomp and let the kickstarter drop just a little. Bring the kickstarter back to the top and then complete the starting stroke, the bike starts, pop the hot start back in quickly. This should work every time. I was riding harescramble trails this past saturday all day long. Not real high revving so the bike had a tendancy to get hot quickly until we hit open stretches. She stalled only 2x on me and was my error....the bike started right back up both times on the first kick doing exactly as I described above. Hope this helps.


There is no doubt that the Yamaha YZ-F will encourage lots of new riders into the four-stroke fold. The rite of passage for any neophyte four-stroke rider is starting one of the beasts. The golden rule--tattoo this on your forehead is: "Thou shall not touch the throttle at any time during the starting process."

If you are smart, you will do exactly what we tell you. If you’re not smart...good luck.

Step one: With the transmission in neutral, turn the gas on and pull the choke out.

Step two: Kick the engine through slowly until you come to the hard spot (where the kickstarter will not move). This is called "bringing it up on compression."

Step three: Once you have brought it up on compression, follow these three steps: (1) Pull the compression release in. (2) Move the kickstarter about one inch past compression. Do not move the kickstarter so far that the piston goes through compression and moves too far down into its intake stroke. A little dab will do ya. (3) Once you have nudged the piston over top dead center, allow the kickstarter to return to the top of its arc.

Step four: Release the compression release.

Step five: Kick with a steady but full stroke (from the top of the kickstarter’s arc all the way until the kickstarter hits the footpeg). If you did everything as prescribed, the YZ-F will start. However, if you touched the throttle, it will not.

Throttle tip: instead of holding onto the throttle with your right hand, hold onto the brake master cylinder.

Hot starting tip: Pull the hot start button out and follow steps one through five. Push the hot start button in as soon as the engine starts.

Cold start tip: Before you start the YZ-F for the first time, give the throttle two little blips. This will put a small dose of fuel into the top-end. No more than two blips. Never blip the throttle before starting a hot or warm engine.

Enemy tip: If you don’t own a YZ-F but want to ruin the day of a YZ-F rider who you don’t particularly like, go over to his unstarted YZ and give the throttle four or five healthy twists. The accelerator pump will fill the engine with fuel and it won’t start until the following Thursday.

The word: The Yamaha YZ-F isn’t the easiest starting full-size four-stroke engine made--that honor goes to the KTM 520SX or anything with an electric starter, but the YZ-F will start every time--if you follow the drill..

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