Destroyed engine part 2 (pics)

Well, I finally got around to posting some of the parts from my wasted engine. I split the cases today, but didn't have a chance to take any pics of those yet. I will take some and post them later. I took the head to a few shops and they just shook their heads and gave me some kind words.

The bottom end is a total loss. Some of the bearings show heat damage (blue color) and I suspect the cases are pretty much looks like the crank bearings have made their races a little larger from the "friction modifier" in the oil (bad joke). The tranny seems to have some slop from mashing all of the aluminum oxide between the gears. I think any tolerances were overcome by the crud filling in any space it could get to. My freshly re-built water pump bearing is packed full of the stuff, too. It just gets better and better!

At least it's a 3-day weekend. :)

The links don't seem to work right from here. If you cut and paste them, they should work.

Man thumpersalad

Looks like your bike got a bad does of the clap :)

Thats a horrable site bud

That's horrible how **** like that could happen to suck good people.

My exhaust cam look a little like yours from the wear that the head did to it the other one is fine. the gouges are deep and the head is worn down flush with the valvs.I having a bith of a time trying to get my cam, there are none available here. Looks like where in the same boat with no bike.

Finally someone with punctiation , spelling and general writing skills worse then me

YIPPPIIIEEEEE I am not alone

Woooo Hooooo :)


How is the rebuild going ? and the parts gathering

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Sorry to hear of your disaster.

Seems like the easiest way to go nowdays is to part the rest of the bike out (ebay) and go down to your local bike shop and finance a new model.

Being I have no engine knowledge I think thats what I would do.

I'm shocked at how much got by the oil filter. Was the entire filter clogged when you took it out? If so then I'll bet it went through the pressure relief at the back of the filter. Good luck!


Good catch on the filter, I was thinking the same thing. If the filter was glogged then the bypass pulled all the rest of the goo through.

I had an xr that sucked up a bunch of dirt or I figure my ex dad in law poured sand in it :)

Becouse of my bright personality

Anyway the filter got glogged and the the engine just sucked up what was left right into the rockers. Blammmmo seazed and never again was it running.

Good lesson for us all here. That dang filter should be checked alot. Whats 7 bucks a ride????

for safty sake

Yes, the filter was completely clogged. Most of the stuff fell off when I extracted the filter from the housing, so the pic just shows the remnants of it.

A lot of the stuff made its way to the head and all of the crevices up there. I still can't get the lifters off!

Thumpsalad, your bike reminds me of Pamela Anderson, beautiful, but ya cant ride it! I saw the pics of the completed bike (prior to melt down im sure)and Im not a big black plastic fan, but that thing looked bitchen! Maybe it had a dose of Marylin Monroe syndrom, just too pretty to live? Any luck getting it back together?


You must have my beauty crossed with another bike!

I have not posted any pics of the bike yet, but it's black frame and yellow plastic!

The tank is white, though, since it's an Acerbis 3.4g, but I got the Hurricane graphics to fit rather, I need the motor back from the dead.

Looks like Embee is going to help me with my rebuild of the motor. I have been in contact with them and things are looking up in the last few days! I think they are really cool for helping me out!!!

Pam Anderson is a ho... :)

well when i first registered back in the day, either you posted pics of your bike or of a bike that you want yours too look like, i totally remember it. it was a 400, black frame yellow plastic with hurricane graphics i do believe, i also think you had a black rear fender if im not mistaken :)


Man, you guys are smokin crack! :)

I have never posted any pics on here until now, showing my motor.

Maybe you were all dreaming...or sniffing gas fumes? Hehe...

Here is a good one too. Sent the Rod straight through the front of both cases.... Cha-Ching!

Click here

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