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random thought by Jack Handy

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So after rebuilding the bottom end of an old XR. I spend some time puckering around on the flanges to get the shaft run out to 50% of the specified maximum...

then....BAM....out of the blue, a random thought.....

I have gone to all this work, whacking on my crank to get it perfect. I throw it into the engine and then something with much more force than my hammer is going to start pounding on my crank 6000 times per minute....!

the force and impact from the piston would work towards moving the webs into perfect alignment (based on the fact that the output shafts are supported in the case and the crank pin will be driving the webs to an equal offset (not sure if I worded this correctly)

But it seems to me that puckering around on my crank with a tiny deadblow is kind stupid when once installed it gets wacked on by a much bigger hammer !



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