Just wondering how often you guys lube up your linkage? :)

I finally tore mine down this winter and was i glad i did because i found moisture inside, think i will definitely do it more, depending on what conditions i have been riding in. I could notice right away that the suspension seemed to work easier with fresh grease. It really depends on what conditions you ride in, the wetter the more often, the dryer you can probably get away with once a year.

Just my .02 :)


I lubed my linkage after having my bike a full season. Everything seemed to be in really good condition.

One thing I would recommend while you have the linkage off is to pick up a Storm Linkage, I can't believe how much it improved cornering on my bike. Too bad I didn't do it sooner, I got used to riding it without the linkage and now have to re-adjust.

Tell me more about the storm linkage. You said cornering improved, but in what aspect? The Honda 450 steers better than my YZ, but the YZ feels more balanced in the corners. I just bought a triple clamp to move my bars 3/4 inch forward (I'm 6' with long arms), and had looked at the storm link, but decided against it. Does it just steer quicker? How does it make the bike behave?

Thanks for your input!

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