Engine question

I changed my oil today.First time i have had metal shavings in the oil filter housing, what do i look for first? Clutch,gears? please help :):D


yz is this the first oil change on your 99 400 ?

if so then WHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SO LATE have you owned the bike new

if its a new bike perfectly normal for the couple of oil changes. Just clean or replace the filter. Advise get a magnetic oil drail plug, this will drw the metal to the bottom and allow the alluminum to be caught by the filter. Make sure you clean the strainer also.....

I still have small bits of al-uminum in my filter. Most likely the clutch

The YZ is just sheading aluminum skim. Unless its excessive dont worry about it....

If its the first change on the 99, man engine tear down for sure in my opinion, look at cams, tranny, bearings all the guts


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Hey A**hole just like I thought, you probably have a hard time understanding what the words really mean. Yz said it was the first time he has seen metal in his filter, not the first time he changed his oil! Metal is usually in the oil filters of these bikes as it is always a fresh post about it. Do they really have access to the net in the "pen"? How do you have time to respond to every F#$%*ing post. Shut up and ride! Cya :):D:D

Egodumbhole, re-read the post, it is the first time he found shavings, not the first time he changed the oil... :)

To answer the question, it is perfectly normal to find shavings in the filter, that is what the filter is there for, to catch contaminants that would other wise harm the internal parts of your engine.

Thanks fastest and yzn I feel better that it is normal wear. I change the oil @ every 6 hours of use

. thanks guys

I rode all day today at crooms and everything ran as usual very fast

Ego..... Don't ya just feel the love in here?

Dayyyyum why all the hostility?

P.S. Peace, Love, Happiness

Hey YZFlorida, where are you located in FL? I'm not familiar with the town that you have listed, are you north of okeechobee?


I dont mind, just a couple of bugs caught in the web.

I have crapped bigger turds, then them :)

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YzFLORIDA you might want to check the clutch basket and HUB. I had the same deal with the shavings, then I started to get a little more material than before, but not what I would say is a lot. It turned out that the steel insert in the clutch hub had come loose and was allowing the hub to flop around and still work. The whole clutch assemble rides on that spine, so if its loose, the entire assembly will move around. Mine was flopping enough to touch the clutch cover. Id look, its free.

Sirthump Valrico is just east of tampa

OK you're way up north. :) Shoot me an email if you're ever down south as far as okeechobee or melbourne!

Sirthump my son and i were down in Clewiston about 2 weeks ago to do the FTR Harescrambles evnt.Iused to live in FT. MYERS, Clewiston was a great race and very hot.

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