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Went for a ride today

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My son and I went to Carnegie OHV park today because of a three day window of no rain.


No dust, great traction upper 40d temps = a great day.


Wanting the stock “Sleeper” look I run the stock forks. I have another bike with CR80 forks.

I do not discount running the xr400 forks in any way. I just want my bike to look as stock as I can as all my bikes “Bling” does not show except for my pipe.

The only thing that was different about my 230 this outing was that I went from Using 5-20 Synthetic Amsoil in Triplet modified damper rod stock forks to only one with the same 5-20 and the other one that had a leaking seal that I replaced and decided to try 0-20 Amsoil in the one fork leg only.

Very happy with the change because the front end is much more supple and less jarring/harsh now than before.


Bruce an I have talked on the phone many times and he has always stated to only change one side at a time to judge if any change is for the better or any worse.



my forks are working noticeably better than the rear Hagen does now.

(As far as plushness and compliance over any terrain.)



Not sure if during the coming summer when it’s 80d outside if they will still feel the same as now?




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If the VI/ Viscosity Index of that synthetic oil is a high rating, it should cover a 40 degree ambient temperature spread without difficulty in forks... In a shock , the conditions are much more heat generating..

Cool to hear they are more compliant now..

And glad you and your son enjoyed a day of riding too..!

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