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Suspension valving for '12 KX450F

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Hello all! I've been enjoying a lot of the suspension threads on here for quite a few weeks. Slowly trying to learn more about valving and suspension in general as I have never really made it a point to worry about it in the past.

Background: I used to weight 180 which was right where my bike was (10+) years ago. I recently got back into riding and hoping to race again. I now am roughly 210 lbs. Always motocross. I'm from Michigan so tracks like Red Bud. I never raced in B class but was top 5-10 in C class before I fractured my collar bone and stopped riding. I would say jumping from a 2001 yz426 in 2006 to a 2012 kx450f in 2018 I feel like I'm faster than I was in '06 so I contribute a lot of that to a better bike and suspension. 

Current: One thing I failed to notice when buying the bike was the previous owner swapped 2013 air forks on the front. I was pretty unhappy to pull the forks apart to swap in my upgraded springs from Racetech to suit my weight and find no springs inside :/. I still went about replacing all the seals and oil. I used Maxima 7w in the compression body and 5w in the main body (I didnt have enough 7 for both forks and after reading on here I thought I might have made a poor choice so I order 5w to finish it off). I'd still like to get the proper fork for my bike but I can't swing the cash right now so air it is for a while. If someone has stock valving for the '13 I'd be happy to compare my numbers.

I just pulled apart the shock to replace the seals and fluid (7w) on that. I found a good thread on here where someone posted the stock valving so I could compare. Looks like its not stock and from doing my reading I'm thinking its set up for a heavier rider already due to smaller slow speed stacks. I'd love for some input before I put it all back together. Hopefully it makes some sense to someone. 

  • Stock Rebound    Current
  • 25x.2                    26x.3
  • 26x.3                    27x.3
  • 28x.3                    28x.3
  • 30x.3                    29x.3
  • 32x.3                    30x.3
  • 34x.3                    32x.3
  • 36x.3                    34x.3
  • 38x.3                    36x.3
  • 40x.25                  38x.3
  • 29x.11                  40x.3
  • 40x.20x6              28x.1
  •                             40x.2x4



  • 44x.2x12               44x.2x8
  • 38x.11                   38x.10
  • 34x.10                   30x.10
  • 44x.25                   44x.25
  • 42x.25                   42x.25
  • 40x.25                   40x.25
  • 38x.25                   38x.25
  • 36x.25                   36x.25
  • 34x.25                   34x.25
  • 32x.25                   32x.25
  • 30x.25                   30x.25
  • 28x.25                   28x.25
  • 27x.25                   26x.25
  • 25x.25                   25x.25
  • 24x.25                   24x.25
  • 23x.20                   23x.25
  •                              22x.20
  •                              21x.3
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