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87 XR200r rear shock warning label

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What is the warning on the Honda shock rear label?

My sticker is unread able some sections.  It reads:

OLG, Safety Equipment

---------------  Caution ----------------

Tempt Refilling Rebuilding Disconct

Shock Absorber May be Damaged


I think the part in question is 


87516-KT1-771 87516-KT1-901


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Maybe Nitrogen is preferred and probably factory fill but you never know what others have used.  Nitrogen is easy to get and cheap but any dry inert gas will work because  at high pressures Oxygen is what does the damage, and moisture changes the behavior of the gas with temp/pressure changes plus adding to corrosion issues.   I've used CO2 in shocks because I have it on hand and it is dry, and inert at the pressure in shocks.

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