Moose Magnetic Drain Plug

CAUTION: do not use the washer that comes with the Moose magnetic Drain Plug. It is steel and does not allow you to properly torque the bolt. It prevents the plug from engaging the proper amount of threads in the case. When I attempted to torque the plug the steel washer did not compress and the first two rounds of threads pulled out. I removed the plug and replaced the washer with a brass washer. I installed the plug and firmly tightened it down (less than the recommended torque in the manual). It comes with a safety wire hole that I use to ensure it does not fall out. This has worked for a few months; however the plug has gotten looser. I am now looking for a heli coil to replace the threads. If anyone knows of a good heli coil kit please respond.

I guess I should have gone with Scotts bulk buy!

Moose sells the same part for the 250 two stroke, you should use the stock washer w/ this drain plug on the 426, lucky for me my dealer thought to tell me that when I bought it.

I've had no problems with mine.

ECKO tool has great deals on helicoil kits.

800-524-9883 or 716-694-6538 Paul is the owner.

Thanks for the number of ECKO. I tried to call today (Saturday). They must be closed. I will try again monday.

I know what you are saying I just installed one thurs. night. When I ordered it from Parts Unlimited they had a footnote that the salesperson told me about. This was in fact to tell me to use the original washer with this drain plug. I probably would have done the same thing if they had not told me about the washer. Moose needs to get hot and sell them with a copper washer!! Frank

Im glad I read this post, I just ordered one from Rocky.

Thanks for the heads up.

I suggest getting the ZipTy magnetic plug. Magnet is much more powerful, plus there isn't a washer problem.


Fellers, I just yanked the Moose plug I had w/that huge washer and installed a ZipTy plug..I will say this, the Moose magnet wouldn't even hold itself to the frame...ZipTy plug will pull from your finger tips about an inch from the frame and firmy stick itself..after seeing that first hand, I will highly recommend the ZipTy product! It is sure to catch any filings or nasties that aren't suppose to be swirling around in our engines! Happy Roosting....

Nice, now he tells me. Wish I had my 10.99 back.

How is rock on returns?

I was thinking the same thing Shawn, but I just put mine back in the package and it will go w/me as a spare..that is one of those items you never want be w/o.

Not sure about returns w/R.M. though.

Well I got a response from Moose. Here it is. Not the best business relations.

I understand your frustration with the unfortunate stripping of the threads. Although I empathize with your plight this drain plug is a universal part and therefore fits differently for each application. The washer is for two stroke applications whereas the OEM washer must be used on the four strokes. This fact is spelled out to the dealer when the part is ordered from Parts Unlimited. Not only is the advisement part of the order process it is printed as a footnote in the Parts Unlimited Off Road catalog (reference 2002 Parts Unlimited Off Road catalog, page 662). Even if all notices are passed over it is ultimately the mechanic that has the final perusal for correct installation. The dealers from the Internet you refer to, that are informing customers that the washer is wrong, have been informed by Parts Unlimited Technical Support Department when their shop ordered the part. We have covered the topic of your concern and put the above mentioned notes in place months ago to prevent what happened to you. Regardless of why you weren't informed or why you didn't compare the reach of the plug with or without the steel washer the fact remains that the four stroke concern has been highlighted.

What does your dealer say about this? Any dealer in the Powersports industry has access to HeliCoil thread repair kits. It should not be a challenge to find a kit. Drain plug holes and spark plug holes are notorious for stripping out and shops are ready for this when customers come in.


Larry Schlender

MooseRacingUSA/Moose Utility Division

Larry I have and will continue to tell everyone that your company does not have a grip and to go other places.

Anyone know if its ok to use the supplied washer with moose kit for a 2000 yz125?

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