Wire screen on 2004 WR450F

Ok kinda new at all this. But I did remove my air filter on my new 2004 WR450F and noticed there is a screen around the plastic housing that the air filter fits over. Is this screen safe to remove to get my airflow to the engine? Just wanted to get your opinions before I go snipping it. Thanks... :)

I think you will hear opinions either way. Here's mine. The screen is there to prevent setting the air filter on fire in the event of a backfire. IMO it doesn't really hinder the airflow that significantly. I suppose if your after that last 1/2 horsepower it might make a difference but I doubt you could really tell by the seat of the pants. As it is my screen equipped WR will outrun every bike in the group I ride with (CRF's, YZF's, WR's) and tops out over 90. I left the screen in because I don't carry a fire extinquisher on board.

yeah I really agree with what you have to say. I wouldn't want my new WR catching on fire. Well, I did remove the snorkle assm. out of the airbox. It's got 115 miles on it now. Man is it a rocket ship. I am really impressed with my new WR450F!!!!! Just want to try and get all the power I can out of the engine. So far, the exhaust baffle has been removed, throttle stop cut, and the airbox snorkle removed.

Being in Lake Havasu I assume you'll be doing mostly open desert riding? If so rejet to YZ specs (or the JD kit) and put the YZ cam in. You'll be very impressed with the improvement.

Is it only the yz exhaust cam your putting in?

Yes. The intake cams are the same for the WR & YZ.

If you remove the screen make sure and get a fire retardant air filter. I can't remember who makes them but if you do a search you will find them. I would go that rout before cutting holes in the air box and putting screens in.

the filters are from twin-air. they are a direct replacement.

i'm the knd of owner that's always looking for something to mess with and replaced mine. you'd probably have to put the bike on a dyno to find out if there is any more power. the biggest challenge is getting the old screen out of the cage. it's molded in to the ribs. be very careful to get it all out. one little wire could do alot of damage.

the bottom line is this; if your looking for one more way to spend money on your toy, go it. if your looking for big power, save your money.

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