E series repack

Just placed an order with McMaster-Carr for stainless steel wool. Ordered a 1 LB. roll part No. 7364T17 at $18.41. Their web site is McMaster.com

Hugh, let us know if the re-pack quiets her down any. Thanks, Doug

Let me explain to you what happened to me 3 months ago when i repacked my exhaust on my 98 yz 400f. On the very first lap of practice after repacking the factory silencer with stainless steel wool another rider rode up behind me and said hey man look at your exhaust, I noticed it had gotten louder but when i looked it had blown 2 holes in the side of the silencer the size of a coke can in it. I guess I either packed it too tight or should have used the correct packing. Ask your local bike mechanic about this before you just jump in there and do it and find out the hard way like I did.


I've been running stainless steel wool in my FMF muffler for about 4 months now. I got the same stuff you did from mcmaster. So far, it has held up very well. I opened up my muffler last month (it needed new rivets) and the packing was still as good as new with probably a thousand miles on it. It was in such good shape that I was able to take off and reuse the same packing. It took very little to pack the muffler, so that roll will last you a long time. I won't go back to fiberglass packing. And it still seems to be just as quiet as a normal freshly-packed muffler.

Thanks for the heads up Guys! This b.b. is great for keeping our machines running. Would be up a creek without it.

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