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XR650L Cam recommendations

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How do Thumpertalk. My 650l is on the wounded list. Made the mistake of running it up the highway on a hot day with my low gearing. Must have got hot, it has been using oil ever since. That was during the eclipse. I took it so I could ditch ride, which worked out great for a 50 mile commute.

But the damage is done. Still runs great but my Nephew says he gets smoked out on the trail sometimes.

Anyhow, if I have the top end apart I figured I could add a performance cam. It has an fmf power bomb exhaust and a Daves mod and a filter element.

I'm 270 lbs and ride it on trails it has no business on . Which I do plan on doing less of. My back is to spent to be dragging it out of mud holes. But things happen so ill do it a couple more years or until I buy a lighter bike. So I'm looking for a set up that will be low and mid range enough for tight trails . But have some juice on the Gravel roads and high desert.

Head work is definitely an option. Any experience with the aftermarket cams? Any proven profiles for this type of work?

And on oil coolers, I can't imagine any measurable difference on a woods bike with one, but has anybody out there actually  monitored the temps and found a result that is worth putting on a cooler that could get trail damaged?

Thanks for the help.

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Keep the stock cam and put a higher compression piston in there.  It will make a bigger difference.  If you like mid-range torque, stock is one of the best choices.  If you want more power when you rev it up instead, then look into an aftermarket cam.  The piston will make a difference everywhere.

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