Head set adjustment, how often?

I repacked my head set about 12 rides ago. It has gotten slightly loose lately. How often must this be done? Is this a sign that the races are ovalised and need replacement? It seems like there is very little margin between seeting loose and setting with binding.

If you didn't follow the instructions in the manual for putting it back together then it will likely loosen as the bearings get seated again. The manual has you first torque the ringnut to some tighter than normal torque (don't remember the value but it's in the manual) to seat everything and then back it off and retorque it to the operating torque. I've had a hard time finding a lock ring wrench to fit a torque wrench but if you have a spanner wrench then you can probably make a reasonable guess at the torque. If you've done this and it's still loose then it may be time for new bearings. Hope this helps. :)

If you leave it loose then I'll bet that it will cause funny wear on the bearings.

Ditto with SirThumpy

First round torque spec is 35 ft pnds I believe.

Loosen one full turn the its 7 ft pnds.

Thanks guys for the good tips!

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