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What are these exhaust headers from?

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1.  The top exhaust header is off a xr200r.  I pulled this off myself.

2.  The middle header has a wider radias and has the threads for the heat guard. 

3.  The bottom header looks like it will fit the xr200r but it is missing the threads for the heat guard.  The pipe is larger in diameter then the xr200r.

Are # 2 and #3 stock or aftermarket headers?  Who would have made these? 

What would #2 be from?


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The bottom one looks like an aftermarket XR200R header. If the tubing is 1 1/2" OD it is a Powroll pipe. Most aftermarket pipes do not have the heat shield mounts but they are easy to add and the OEM heat shield does keep the compression release cable off the header.

The front bend radius is way too big on the middle one and it is too short.

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I think these are NOS Powroll racing pipes.  Would it be advised to weld to the pipe?   I could add some threads to bolt on a shield.

I got these two pipes in a deal for several xr200 and xr250r dirt bike engines along with some other misc parts.  The owner use to race these bikes back in the day and was clearing out a storage unit of spare parts. I sold one of the xr250 engines and I'm only in this now for $50.  A great find and deal.

The xr200 engine in the pic below is the older style from around ~1980?  Perhaps it is a Powroll stoker engine.  Would the crank from an early xr200 work on an xr200r?   I think they pipes may have been intended for these engines.


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I added a stock heat shield to a XRsOnly header using two metal hose clamps to hold two nuts against the pipe.  Allows adjusting for best fit. Next step is to tack weld the nuts and then remove the clamps to finish welding.

Problem with cranks is there are two different types; pre 94 and 94+. Because of fit issue on the right case you can't intermix right cases and cranks from the two eras.

Engine serial number will ID model and year.

XR Engine serial numbers
XR185/200 twin shock:
79 ME02E 5000076-
80 ME02E 5100015-
81 ME02E 5200002-
82 ME02E 5300004-
83 ME02E 5400001-
84 ME02E 5500001-

81 ME04E 5000039-
82 ME04E 5100001-
83 ME04E 5200001-

84 ME05E 5000001 (RFVC)
85 ME05E 5100001 (RFVC)
86 ME05E 5200001
87 ME05E 5300001
88 ME05E 5400001
90 ME05E 5500001
91 ME05E 5600001
93 ME05E 5700001
94 ME05E 5704992
95 ME05E 5708833
96 ME05E 5714097
97 ME05E 5719334
98 ME05E 5800001 (49 State & CA)
99 ME05E 5800001 (49 State & CA)
00 ME05E 5800001 (49 State & CA)

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