Which after market parts?

I Have a 2004 YZF 450 which is bone stock as we speak. Just curious if anyone has any suggestions on what after market parts I should put on and why?

get the yoshamria exhust if your in cal get the tec kit triple clamp you just need the top you can get the botom get over sized bars and suspion then your bike will be one of the best bikes out there in your town !!

First of all don't run out and drop $800 on a system that you might not like. Find a friend with one and try it out. You might ride other peoples bikes and find you like your stock exhaust best. I have ridden with most aftermarket exhaust, and most give in some places but take away in others. I don't have an aftermarket because I love the stock exhaust. The best aftermarket products you can buy are products to increase durability. A magnetic drain plug is a must about $10 on ebay and a great dignostic tool. If something is about to go wrong you can usually see it(as far as metal shavings). The RG3 top triple clamp is by far the best being four post rubber mounted. But do the suspension for sure. And some oversized bars I would recommend the Renthal Twinwalls. Just try a bunch of stuff out see what you like.

After you bend your bars then replace them with some oversize bars. And get a fuel screw, such as the ZipTy or something similar. And when the chain and sprockets die then get something good to replace them. Maybe swap your tires depending on where you ride. Other than that, save your money for track admission on practice days. If you're asking the question then I am guessing that more practice will improve your riding more than a few trick parts. I'm in the same boat, my '01 is still stock and it's still got more juice then I need. Just my $.02, ride safe! :)

Magnetic drain bolt and t-handle fuel screw are a must. I recommend getting frame guards also. Other then that just ride it.

It depends really, on what kind of riding you will be doing and where. If you plan to spend most of your time on moto tracks, you don't need much.

Heading to the woods? Then you want to be looking at protection for your body and your bike. Do they make any pads that you don't have yet? Get em. Handguards. Radiator guards and skidplate. Stuff like that. :)

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