is the 450 right for me?

Hi guys, Im in a bit of a dilema. Do you guys think the 04 450 would be a good Bike for me? I ride mostly desert trails, not the wide open ones though, mostly kinda tight whooped out trails. Rarely got out of third gear on my 426.

I also like to go to the track about once a month or so.

I almost bought one last night, but the dealer kept talking about the hit on it and saying it was'nt a good desert bike.Also ive been riding for about 3 yars and im 6' about 195 with gear.Any help or suggestions would be :) And yes i have done searches on the subject.Didnt see much about tight desert trails.

You might want to consider the WR450. Great low first gear for tight trails. No hit due to the milder cam then on the YZ450. Great steering geometry for sand and whoops. E-start is real addictive. 18" rear tire is good for rocky condtions. 2.6 gallon tank! You can still jump on an MX track and have fun but I wouldnt recommend it for district MX racing. :)

Still exploring my options, have been thinking about picking up a yz250 insted. I always change my mind thoe

I agree with Indy, I would want a YZ for those conditions. A bit to hyper for me.

I just added a GYT flywheel weight (the heavier of the two) to mine and now have much better throttle control. I like it but haven't ridden any of the others available.

Mine's an '03 and the only place I ride is in the desert. I love the bike for what I do with it. I wouldn't be afraid of the power. It has plenty, but it is very managable. With your size, my opinion is that you will be better off with the 450. It is not a scary bike to ride and it handles quite well in the stuff you're talking about riding it in.

Good Luck

My yz250 is a great desert bike... you can do stuff in the sand with a two stroke that you wouldnt want to do with a thumper. It's not for everyone though, you should try before you buy!

I am about same weight as you and it's got more power than I can use. It's not your father's two-stroke.

Still exploring my options, have been thinking about picking up a yz250 insted. I always change my mind thoe

I ended up going with the yz250, i picked it up for 3500 so im not in to much money for it. I tell you what it sure does handle a lot different from the 426. It corners so much better,and feels so much lighter. What i do miss is the power the 426 had. The 250 seems like alot more work shifting and making sure you are in the right gear. Ill see if any special comes out in 05.

What year is it? I can't keep the front wheel down... you need to blip the clutch a bit to get on the pipe.

I got the 03. It is pretty sweet, im still trying to get used to it thoe, its a different animal when jumping it,ive about looped it out a few times. With the four stroke the engine braking would usualy level it out for me, but not no more. It was also different going into the corners without the compression braking :awww: I still think that TT is still the best website for info, no matter what bike you ride :thumbsup:

It requires better throttle control, after switching to the yz I found that it was alot easier to grab a handful by mistake and screw yourself up.

One neat two stroke trick is that you can get going on a hill even if your halfway up. I like messing with the thumper folks by stopping and restarting on the slope. With a thumper the rearend goes all over the place but on 2stroke much more controllable. Ive also been practicing doing circles on the side of the hill. It's not easy!

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