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Battery Drain; FC 450, 2016

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Electrical Help Please - Unknown Current Drain
I know electrical problems can be a can of worms but I’m hoping someone has seen similar issues on husky/ktm before. Troubleshooting tips appreciated.

2016 Husky FC 450
Vortex ECU

0.2 Amp drain found when all stop and off.

- Battery voltage at 12.7v when stopped. 14.2v when running. 
- Amp draw reduces to 0.1 Amp when ECU is unplugged. Why?
- Noticed that the fuel pump turned on when I reconnect the battery. Shouldn’t this only happen when I bump the start button? 

- Removed Fuel Pump Relay, drain stopped while unplugged.  Replaced relay with new, drain continues when connected.
- Main ground connections at frame look good and tight. 
- Bike rides fine but battery dies overnight if not disconnected. 
- Battery replaced, no change. 
- Other forums mentioned failing fuel relay and rectifier, does that make sense? What/Where is the rectifier? How do I test it?

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