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I feel like I should tell a story about this bike before I ask my questions,the year was 2003 I was a young man when I bought a 85 DR100 not running from the junk yard for 100$ got it running and rode it till 2014,when I disassemble the engine and hopes of putting new rings in it it's been sitting in my dad's basement since then and finally I'm looking to get it back up and running but I would like to do some modifications to it, I would like to confirm some things I've seen on this form in regards to this specific bike before I start ordering parts.

1# lt185 cylinder bore swap this is with keep the Dr100 head on it?

2# what about a CAM I believe I seen on here about swapping a DR200 cam in the 100 head please confirm this it doesn't sound realistic.

3# fuel I would love to slap a carb on it after the LT185 swap and be done but what are my options.

Any info you have that can help feel free T post below thank you.

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