The Fat Lady Video

I've got it but don't know how to post it. email me at and I'll send it to ya!!

Before the site got it's new look, the WR side had a video section. There were a few helmet cam runs and one video of some huge women doing a backyard mound jump on an old (1976ish) KX. Boy did she fly, with her arms stretched out like superman and her belly on the crossbar, til she fell forward and got run over by the KX.

If the videos are still on the site could someone let me know where they live, I couldn't find them on the new site.


The following site has the mpeg as well as seth's crusty crash and hart's back flip.

Go to

and click on mxmama. I roll every time I watch that thing.

I must have clicked that button 20 times and laughed each time. What really made it funny is I almost did the same thing. Somehow I pulled out of it. I was wearing a helmet though. Some people just have no sense.

I have that video and a few others on my site, along with some scooter jokes. Go to: and select the "Motorcycle Humor" link on the left.


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