cr450f vs. yz426f

i want the real biased opinions...which is better and why?...weight is a it true the crf weighs 15lb. less stock sitting at the dealership???...what else..make my decision easier..should i just get A YZ250 2 SMOKE OR WHAT?

not to be a smart A$$, but what kind of answer do you REALLY think you'd get from a Yamaha website?? :)

I know what you get on the KTM website, the DRZ website and the CRF website.

These guys ALL have pride in the decisions they have made.

BTW, the CRF DOES weigh 15# < than the YZ426F.

The XR 450's motor is no match for the Yamaha.

However, the XR is lighter. If that is an issue for you, wait till fall and get the new Yamaha.

End of story.

please do not get emotional...


XR 450????

XR no match for the Yamaha???? Duh.......

XR is lighter???? Then what????A Hummer????

What the hell are you talking about????


The YZ and the CRF are both GREAT bikes..I've been racing two strokes all my life and now have a 01 426F purchased as a leftover in 02...I love the bike!! It has more balls then you'll ever use man..Ignore rumors regarding hard starting..Riders panic when they stall on the track and flood the damm thing and blame the bike!! I see it all the time on the track and thus a falsehood was born here on TT. It is true that it is heavier then the CRF and after riding both I purchased the Yamaha YZ426F..Forget about which is faster, they are both scary fast but I thought the suspension was more plush on the 426 and I also liked the front end feel and thought it tracked better in certain situations, it's easier to ride then a two stroke with lots of engine braking resulting in less clutch & brake use then on a two stroke..It's been around since 98 and Yamaha has made improvements during the run whereas the CRF is a first year bike and I would never buy something first year outta the shute. Honda has answered and made improvements this year in the airbox design and I believe the later VINS have a strengthend subframe..I am also purchasing an 03 CRF450 this year because I love the bike and the way it that frame!!..and it's a Honda!!..Yamaha is coming out with a YZ450F this year and the CRF will be tweaked and improved upon beyond belief..You got quite a decision to make...I'd say get both :D Hey, two strokes are great too man but word is out that in a few years you're going to see less production of the two stroke for bulls#it environmental issues like pollution and noise.. :) and getting into some legal riding areas might be a hassle in the furture :D Personally I don't see them doing away with these bikes because they're still used and very much preferred by pros and many riders..We'll just have to wait and see :D Four stroke gets my vote..This is my first and I'm really used to it now....I love it..Good luck...

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I say get the 2 stroke.

And please,

don't get emotional

get a two stroke if you know how to pro's still prefer them....the fourstrokes will catch up soon...they are easier to ride than a two's make nice bikes that are light! but for a two stroke for shizy get a YZ...

5150: I gotta know what kind of riding you'll be doing before I could give my opinion. Desert? MX? Trails? Dunes? Plunking? If your a straight track guy, go with the YZ250. It's still at the highth of technology as far as track machines go. If you do any other riding at all, that will factor on which bike to get.

I had a YZ 426 and switched to the CRF 450. To me the Honda is better bike period. There is nothing I liked better on the Yamaha then on the Honda. And I've been a Yamaha guy for years. To me after riding the CRF450 the Yamaha seems a bit tired & need of a makeover which it sounds like its getting for 2003. Buy a Honda you wouldn't be sorry. :) Sorry Yamaha fans but its the truth.


Sounds to me that you just got a bit bored of the YZ and needed a change..Hey, that happens. I've had Suzuki, Yamaha & Honda in my garage. But you state that the "Honda is a better bike period". Why? What didn't you like about the Yamaha? What have you found on the Honda that you like better?? The friggin' color!!! Get technical...I'm very interested to hear what you found to substantiate your statements concerning these two fine bikes! What kind of equipment did you have on the bike?? Failures?? Do you trail ride or race the damm thing?? I live right here in Jersey too..Where do you ride?? Hey man, don't flame a bike or a manufacturer especially if you don't know what the hell you're talking about! You tell the Yamaha fan's it's the truth that Honda has one up on Yamaha!! Let's hear this truth moto-man...That's the problem here on these boards..people post unsubstantiated bulls#it and don't know what the hell is going on right outside their own front door!!! Ya know what moto..I'll go as far to say you never had a Yamaha and if you infact even currently own a CRF I'll say again if you use 25% of what that Red Rocket has to offer that'll be stretching it...Now I bet "that's the truth"!!!

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LOL, I bet that felt good to get out!


I usually race 125 beg on a 250F. I have an 01 426 but bought the 250F because I thought it would be better for a beginner rider to race.

WRONG!! On the weekend I entered it in the 250 class just for fun because I wanted one race out of it before I sold it.

The bike really rips on the track. My first moto I was in the top ten but busted a clutch lever and did not finish.

Second moto I almost had the hole shot.

If I do sell a bike it will be the 250F :)

If its MX you are into......get a YZ250..period end of story...

5150 if you have some dough to throw around, you can rent what ever you might want to buy, and make a decision based on your own perceptions of the bike or bikes you try.

Check out MX rentals in Anahiem or Placentia, cant remember which, which ever, they have an ad in Cycle news week. 275 per day, per bike. Ya need a credit card with a limit of 1500 min for the deposit, just to cover your antics Im sure!

The guy at MXrentals name is Steve. His # is 949-500-8121 tell him Zach sent ya.

Saw these threads and a couple of questions I had I wanted to post here. It's funny, the guys who are die hard 2 strokes indicate that 4 strokes are easier to ride. I saw one post hear saying that the top pros prefer the two strokes. Funny, I just read an article that was published before the nationals started that Rick Carmichael was turning his fastest lap times on the 450. That's one of the reasons he went to Honda because of the options to run the 450's. Maybe a rumor maybe not. I don't buy it that top level riders prefer the 2 strokes. I've seen top level pro's and B riders get on a 4 stroke and can't run top 5 on them.

Here's a hypothesis I have regarding the difference between the 4 stroke and the 2 strokes. I think the 4 stroke bikes suit the riding styles of smooth fluid riders. Riders who control the power to the ground by rolling the throttle and controlling the clutch. It's just a lot smoother power to the ground than a 2 stroke so this fits right into their style and you notice a marked improvement right away. I think that's why Larry Ward has done so good on them. However, the guys I see who fail on them are the ones who just "hammer". Meaning they rely on man handling the bike and just dump the throttle in all situations. They try to do this on the 426 and it just doesn't work as well as it does on a two stroke. So before you make a decision, I would suggest going to a track on practice day or something and get somebody to let you cut a few laps on the bikes you are thinking about purchasing. I know I said I would never ride a 4 stroke until a friend bugged me to take his around the track. After 3 laps, I purchased one the next day the shop was open.

As the difference between the 450 and the 426, personally I've never cared for the Honda's. However, I would no matter which one you go with, the bike won't have much to do with your results. I'm sure they are both great bikes and the determining factor would be the rider. The thing that would concern me about the 450's is the stability, maintenance and reliability. I've heard some things I won't mention that I wouldn't be happy with if they are true.

Good luck in your decision.

Wow! You really got the ball rolling now. Old Steve there gave all his political views, and hit the spell checker more than once. A guy asks for an honest opinion, and he gets these radicals, whose entire day consists of lying in wait for someone to set foot on their "sacred" beliefs. It's a free country, brother, and this board is all about findings, as well as opinions. I know you have some smart ass reply for me, for everyone to see, because you're once again, lying in wait to see how many people voiced their opinions on your baby-like antics. Allow me to be the first in a line of silent many.

Buy which ever one is cheaper. Unless your a pro, and even if you were, your not going to be faster on one then the other! CRF is new? YZF has been around, with improvements. And remember, its not a damn fashion show! I know guys on 10 year old bikes that are fast as hell! So whats the big dill??? :)

The fact of the matter is that RC is still on a two stroke, and so is tortelli (rumors are rumors, untill there is a big number 4 on a CRF, it is a rumor!)...If you ride super cross then get a two stroke...outdoors, then take a look at the four stroke...I have only ridden a four stroke one time, and loved it, but I cant decide between a YZ 250 or a CRF 450 :)

I ride a WR250F but am 46. In the +40 class, it's open bikes. My 250F doesn't stand a chance.

I've never ridden a 2 stroke much and they seem really hard to ride compared to my bike. So I'm looking at what I consider my only two choices, the 450 and the 426. I've not ridden a 426 (a 400 but they are considered very different) but a buddy has a 450. The 450 has pretty mild power delivery. All the rags talk about the 'monster hit' of the 426 and instead of sounding like a good thing, for me that sounds like a bad thing. I too have to work on Mondays. I'm sure the 450 will be a better choice for me. If only I were a better rider....


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