cr450f vs. yz426f

What kind of riding are you into? Track, Trails etc.?

This will help my opinions. If you have got access to rentals and the coin, do as others have said, try them both out. I want to tell you to get a YZ426, but the bike is only as good as the rider!

I cant get enough of mine. Truth is, the 426 has more sack than I. My last bike was a YZ 250 very light, very fast, and all pipe. Much easier to ride. The 426 is heavier with completely different power characteristics. It took me some time to to learn how to ride the beast. Im a 150 lb. rider, and the power to weight ratio works out just fine for me. The only time I notice the weight is when I lay it down on some hill side. It takes some sack to pick that bastard up.

Starting it was a chore at first, I dreaded stalling or shutting it down, but now its a piece of cake. Over all the bike really hooks up well for me, Im in and out of corners much faster, it climbs great. Just cant get enough. One thing is for sure the YZ426 wants to be rode hard and fast. If you an animal, and got the strenth to spank the monkey, well....... you know the deal!

No matter which bike you go with you will get your moneys worth.

Thats my 2 cents on the 426

All I can say is good luck on you decision.

Ok there Dr. Z...Nice to meet you too!! For starters, I didn't have to hit the spell check one time but thanks for the compliment..As far as politics go, I don't remember posting anything about my party affiliations or opinions but if you scroll up in this thread you'll see that I've given beig5150 my opinion/findings concerning the bikes he's inquired about and then some guy as usual has to chime in and say "Honda is a better bike period", "Yamaha'a are s#it", "sorry Yamaha fans but this is true"..This person offers NO useful information or explaination WHY he states this in this thread..He just flames Yamaha and disappears with no substantiation of his comments. I don't know here Dr. Z, but you should be giving him s#it..not me! You say I'm lying in wait, radical and a BABY!! you couldn't be more wrong but one thing is certain Dr...If I was standing in front of you I'm certain you'd refrain from such remarks..Now go play on the trails with your DRZ with the UFO Dual Headlights and two way toggle switch..for EACH bulb no less..WOW..and a GPS..Whew, this I gotta see...I'll be at the MX track racing and kicking a$$ where I've been for the last twenty years man...Now run off and get lost in the woods little boy......

Dr. Z:

One more thing...I took some time and read your profile, I see your interests include: DRZ's, pictures of DRZ's and slide shows of DRZ's...and you call me a radical :D Do you have a DRZ bed & bedspread and DRZ curtains in your room to?? Don't forget the DRZ pillows Mom! :) Seems to me you need to get out a bit more...take your GPS with you Doctor...

LOL :)

Hey Steve:

Your post seemed like a fair unbiased opinion to me. It was based on your riding experience with both bikes. Your replies still crack me up. One of the reasons I picked the 426 over the 450 was I got it 1000 dollars cheaper. It sits a little higher than the honda so it might be a little harder for a shorter person to kick over but once your on the bike who cares. I was also wary of the Honda since it was in its first year of release and didn't want to have to deal with "first year release problems." My 426 flat out is a roost machine...more power than I'll ever use. I love riding this bike.

I was struggling with the hard hit on my 01 and was considering a flywheel weight to help me out on the tight trails and gnarly stuff. I ended up with a new product I saw in the May issue of Dirt Bike, it's the Power Now System. It goes between the carb and the air box. It improved the bottom end and did not effect the top end like the flywheel weight did on by buddy's 01. So far it has made me change my mind and keep the 426.

Thanks yzrider..

I too thought it was a fair comparison of the two bikes..As I said, this is my first four stroke in a loooong line of twos..I think if someone started out on a four stroke they would find it easier moving into this sport then learning on a two stroke and then going to a four..seems to me a two stroke has to be ridden well to place whereas a four banger you can just get on and roll and use engine braking and use of the clutch is also cut in half..Power delivery (of coarse) is different also..The 426 is brutle and it took me a bit to get used to but I gotta tell ya..I love this bike! Best bike I ever owned..and it is completely stock!!!!!!!!

I think right outta the crate this bike can't be touched..adjust the suspension, kick it and go!! This bike starts every time one or two kicks..Even after a fall I got to the bike..pulled the hot start..couple kicks and right back into the action..Many Honda guys talk about the "hard starting" and some who even own the 426..I see it nearly everytime I go to the track..guys stall it..panic and flood it! I've never had a problem starting this bike and I've been riding the crap outta this machine.. I'm soooo comfortable on this bike and after many hours it has become my second skin and at 40 years of age I'm friggin' right there man with the young guys all the time..they like riding with me out there in Englishtown because I'm a crazy muthafu@ker so they tell me!!! And you know what else yzman??...I don't even have a GPS man :D or a UFO headlight :) One thing I do have is balls :D DR. Z, when you're done playin' with that yellow trail bike and hair starts to grow on your balls..come and ride blue...or red!! That CRF is also a great machine..First year machine I wouldn't consider either yzrider...Ohh, and'll get used to the hit man...stay with it...Hey DR. Z, I saw DRZ bath tub toys at Walmart...Hurry!!

LMAO...Steve, you must have big balls..that is one wicked @ss track at Englishtown. Do you clear that tabletop in the front? I like the MX tracks at TRAXX in PA. Nice riding up there. They have a sick double is a mad mans jump!

Just go get a Cannondale for Craps Sake :):D

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You'll be happy with either one! Just try to evaluate which one will fit you better - ergos, motor, suspension, price, etc. I'm not going to bore you with my personal opinions, 'cause we all know about opinions... I've ridden all 3 of the top 4stroke MXers, and I believe you can't lose.


You're talkin' bout that tabletop you see upon entering the park???? Yeah! I'm nailin' it :)

My wife took some video of me clearing that and I'll sit there and watch it sometime and say to myself.."man, you are a crazy mutha"! There's another guy there at Englishtown..Tim #55 on a 426 and we're the same age and we push eachother all the time. Come and ride with us sometime..we'll have you doin' some sick s#it too!! Imagine Dr. Z showin' up over there on his DRZ with the UFO lighting system :D I'd love to be a spectator on that glorious & humorous day :D Anyway...Stay cool yzman...wanna ride sometime, hit me with an e-mail..

Steve #428

Originally posted by moto44:

I had a YZ 426 and switched to the CRF 450. To me the Honda is better bike period. There is nothing I liked better on the Yamaha then on the Honda. And I've been a Yamaha guy for years. To me after riding the CRF450 the Yamaha seems a bit tired & need of a makeover which it sounds like its getting for 2003. Buy a Honda you wouldn't be sorry. :) Sorry Yamaha fans but its the truth.

I also sold my YZ426 for a CRF450. I got a great deal on it ($5799 out the door), so I went for it. And my experience is the exact opposite. I am 10 seconds a lap slower on the 450. It just doesn't feel right. I have played with the sag and clickers, but I cant get comfortable in the corners. It seems really unpredictable. You lean it some, it doesn't turn. Then you lean a little more, and it turns way too much. The front end washes out unless you have your crotch on the barpad. It vibrates way more and gives me armpump.

The CRF450 is a work of art, just beautiful. It has an awesome engine, I like it more than the 426. Suspension feels great on the track. No-drill starting is wonderful. Its way lighter, but I only notice it in the air, or loading it, since I cant seem to get comfortable in the corners with it.

It has its share of problems though. Airbox, airfilter, clutch damper, seized spoke nipples, case cracking from drain bolt, etc. Not that the 426 doesn't have some weak areas too.

I am going to try the 20mm offset clamps today. If I cant get comfortable on this thing in the next few months, hello 03YZF.

I am going to try the 20mm offset clamps today.

From experience, when I put reduced offset triple clamps (from 20 to 18mm)on my 520SX, it'll make the bike handle like crap until you go stiffer on the fork springs, and get everything balanced again. If you're lighter than the target rider weight you may not need to do anything. Either way, you'll have to work with it a little bit, it's not an instant fix.

mike take your supsension to someone who knows what there doing and just pay the money....I took my suspension to a race tech specialist, and its the best money i have EVER spent on a bike...the CRF is just an incredible bike....stick with it.

Suspension work is a must for most everyone one with a 450. Honda really set them up stiff.

i was just trolling the blue side of the fence when i came across this thread. i have to admit i am VERY impressed with the fair responses. coming from what i would imagine to be a diehard group of 400/426 riders you have all been more than even handed when describing both bikes. i own a 450 and the guys on that board are DIEHARDS. they seem too eager to defend a bike that we all know has a few problems.

beig5150 - both bikes are great, the 450 may be a bit more forgiving for beginner/older racer. but for more machine than any of us could ever need the 426 is awesome. both bikes have their strong and weak points. the new yz450 will rival all of the crf's strong points. and i'm sure honda has learned a lot in the last year about it's weak points.

i guess what i'm really saying is...

what color do you like better - red or blue??

amen :)

Looks like beig5150 forgot about this thread. He hasn't said anything since the original date this was posted. Are you out there man?

Yo...Dr. Z....Where'd ya go man, a DRZ convention or what?? Anything else you wanna say?? :) Ah, I didn't think so........Yellow is a good color for ya :D

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When I made my choice about which bike to buy, I had to weigh the type of riding I do. I love to pound the trails not the track so much, but I needed a bike that would let me do both. I have to be able to go slow because I am teaching rookies. I have to be able to keep up with my brother on his 610.

The honda felt much more ergonomic than the Yamaha, price's really weren't an issue for me, !st year on the Honda made me cautious, and more MX bike and tranny than anything else, so I got the WR 426.

My 1st ride was very disappointing, seemed off balance, I was looking for the power everyone sd was there. Changed the bars, jet the bike correctly, get some seat time, OMG, what a rocket, I am happy with my decision, but you can see, I had a lot of factors to sort out.

Analyze what you REALLY want to do on the back of a bike.

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