Roost Photos

I'm rebuilding my website and I'm interested in getting your (as picture of you) roost photos or any other cool shots.

This is not a competing website, just a hobby I'm doing to learn web design. Think of it as a free place to host some of your photos.

email to


I've been working on the site and have added most of the photos that have been submitted. I'm still working out some navigation issues with the pop-up menus, and don't know when I'll have time to mess with it some more.

In the mean time, if anyone else has photos they want to add to the site, please feel free to send them to me.


I don't get many, my wife (i.e. photographer) goes to the track about once every six months or most. :thumbsup: So here is a blurry one from the last trip:

Roost photo

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