If you had $500 to spend on mods...what?


I'm picking up a 2001 YZ426 tomorrow. It has about 2-3 hours on it(like new!) and has a Pro

Taper bar setup and a D.I.D. O-ring chain. It also has Dirt Works or Pro Works or something like that frame guards on both sides. I'm already getting a Scotts steering damper so scratch that off the list. I ride 2 days a week on track and 1-2 days a week on trail, and I plan on racing some desert races.

If you had $500 ready to throw at it what would you do? I'm open to not only performance mods, but sticker kits, hand guards(for desert racing), and anything else.



There is no question in my mind - send your suspension to a suspension tuner and have BOTH ends revalved and setup to your ability, weight and terrain.

Doesn't matter how fast it'll go, if you can't hook up or ride the thing. Get the suspension done!

You can try John Curea (TT member and MX-Tech Rep) or have MX Tuner (TT member and Race Tech Rep) It will also compliment your steering damper.


$500 worth of gold plating (chrome works too)

O.k., o.k.

Suspension :)

Riding lessons.

Nothing can make you go faster. Than twisting that throttle harder.

HOOKERS! Lots of HOOKERS! Ok, now that that's out of my system, gotta go with the suspension. I didn't know that it was as cheap as $500 but if these guy's say they are......

On most other bikes, I would say get a pipe but the stock pipe is so good on the YZ426 that I wouldn't touch it. Wait for graphics kits till you get used to the bike and go down a few times. No sense spending bucks on something that is going to get torn up. Different front sprockets for desert ratios and trail ratios might also be a good idea.

Suspension suspension suspension.

suspension, tires, sprockets, chains, gripper seat cover....mix and match :)


If you are heavier or lighter than 170-180lbs and you have ridden the bike and have some specific suspension issues, consider spending money on the suspension. Otherwise,the stock set up can be dramatically changed with the adjustments. Play with what you have first, then decide. The standard suspension set up is very good for a wide range of riders (if you are one of them!)but still needs to be serviced periodically.

If you do not decide to spend the money on suspension, you should buy oil, tires, chains and sprockets. The big 4 stroke wears these parts out faster than 2 strokes.....

500 bucks huh, well if you want to get some chicks you should probably get some blue excel rims, maybe some motoxxx graphics and new plastic.....

but if you want to ride faster you must have your suspension dialed in. I spent 180 on springs and another 180 having my forks and shock serviced. It's worth it.

the suspension is pretty good stock isnt it?

maybe some tuff handgaurds and a flywheel wieght

and save the rest for fresh tires

i would add flywheel weight

Originally posted by Mark_UK:

the suspension is pretty good stock isnt it?

Yes, "pretty good" it is, however, there is NO comparison for having your suspension revalved and set up for you and your ability. If you wanna look good, go for the graphics and colored wheels. If you wanna go fast, have your suspension valved. It should be your FIRST go-fast improvement.


500 bucks huh

Man that would be tough, I never get that much money out of my wife in the first place.

But if I had 500 bucks probably buy Suspension work

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Good knee braces if you don't already have them. You can't ride if you are in a cast.

1) Knee Braces

2) Suspension (I am very pleased with MX-Tech)

Go for some short term disability insurance.

Originally posted by ThumpDRN:

1) Knee Braces

2) Suspension (I am very pleased with MX-Tech)

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Ditto on being happy w/ MX-Tech also!

suspension can be done for 500 including springs, but like said before, if your under 180 lbs, you might not need it. Although, I was 200+ and lost a bunch, now just 175, havent changed much other than clicker settings. Enzo did mine, with heavier springs and all. Even though I lost 25 bls. I havent messed with the sag or anything, other than clickers. Get it revalved, get some slightly heavier springs. You'll have a sweet scoot.

hmmmm actually,,,,if you have kids,,,,,,,,,,

step up your life insurance

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