Roost Photos

I'm rebuilding my website and I'm interested in getting your (as picture of you) roost photos or any other cool shots.

This is not a competing website, just a hobby I'm doing to learn web design. Think of it as a free place to host some of your photos.

email to


ROOST.jpg Can't really see the roost too well. Picture taken at the intersection of trail 2 and 21 at stonyford ohv park.

Frostbite, is that a picture of you? I don't want to violate any copyrights.


what is that atached to the front of that bike? it dosn't look like a wheal.

That is 100% pure Frostbite, no strings attached.


To back it up, here is the gear I used.


I use the ski mainly for winter riding.



Very cool pics. These will most definately be added to my site. Thanks.


Sorry can't get my image to come up.

It's imagestation. I used to use it and it crapped out constantly. Use , free and no troubles.

here's your pic.


Frostbite you have some kewl photos that are way different than what 99% of us experince :) Thanks for sharing

here are some of me late last year in a national hare scramble and the ironman gncc.

I'm just now learning the pic thing i'll try to get some more posted.

are you guys interested in hosting a few well made 10 min trail vids? hand held and helmet cam footage.

This is a great shot BV! Lots of color and it's just a tad blurred to give you a sense of motion. :) makes me wanna buy some yellow gear.


There's not much dirt up here so I ride on whatever I can find. :)

Here's a little helmet cam Sno Bike Clip that I shot in January. It's a run through the pack ice along the edge of the bay, one of my favourite spots to ride. We have 35 foot tides here so the ice is constantly shifting and the trails are never the same twice. Keeps you on your toes. It's also hard to see since most everything is white and I get a little surpries at the end of the clip. It's only 1 minute long, 13 meg, and you have to download it to view. If you have a slow connection then you can just look at these pics and I'll make the noises. RRRMMMmmmmmmm, RRRRRMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm, BAaaaaaaaaaa, RRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm, WHOAAAAA!!!!, ERRRRRTTTTTTT, RRRRMMMMMMMmmmmmm.... :D








Well what can I say, I just couldn't chose one :)

couldnt find any pics, but have got a few small vids from when I first got the WR, trying to come to terms(and failing) with the 4 stroke

I'm sure every1 will enjoy watching me fall off

In the sand


Frostbite & armourbl thanks for getting my picture to post. You guys must have been checking out the thread as I was hacking away trying to get it to work. Next time I will use photobucket. I think I will move the picture next to my name there because it is hit or miss also.

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