Better buy Beta???

Does anyone know anything about trials bikes?

I'm thinking of getting into it as well as keeping my wr, I'm thinking about buying a 99 Beta 250 and was wondering if they have any particular problems or is there a better bike of the same era? I realise that I might be asking in the wrong place but I just thought I'd ask on the off chance.

Thanks .


i don't know about the 250 but we have a bike magazine in the UK called TBM & they love this type of bike.

soft foot print, enviromentally friendly, fun, rock climber etc etc.

they call it the beta 'alp' & it's got the 200cc suzuki two-valve engine in it. they think if you want this unique style of bike that you should go for it.

there are two other bikes directly related to this niche. the first is the old honda tlr250 from the 80's which we never got but the jap grey importers will get in for you. the other one is the aprilia pegaso which was a 250cc two-stroke. the Mk1 was a beautiful bike & there was only one falt with it-it has a CR box. the Mk2 was a fatter 'better' bike but the purists will tell you...

in tests the honda & beta were equal but the honda was 'perfected' by the owner. the beta was a bit breathless on the open road. 76mph flat out. this is all from memory so i hope i've got it right.

TBM can be faxed on 0208 840 4760.


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