oil level, need help

I do not mean to sound too stupid here , but the deal is I changed the oil, filters and the whole nine yards..... After filling the oil I started the beast and checked the oil, got the oil level correct. Checked the oil the other day before starting, not touching the dipstick, started it after putting more oil and not touching dipstick. After I started it and checked the oil it was about two inches above the full mark. What is the deal, do I start it and check the oil or check it before I start it?

I believe the manual says to let bike warm up, then let bike sit for 5 minutes then check level without screwing dipstick back in.

Yeah, start it up first, let it warm up, then check it. The oil migrates down to the engine from the sump in the frame when the bike sits.

Thanks for the help, after I did the post, I got the manual out, should have done that first and I would not be remembered as stupid.......

there is no mention of 5 minutes in my book!

run it,warm it, check it!

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