I own a wonderful 01' DRZ400E, (which is for sale on eBay right now!!) I am completely interested in woods riding only. My DRZ pulls like a mule, and is great in the woods, but I want something lighter. I got to ride a YZ250F at a trailride last weekend, and man, I loved it. But just like my wife says, I want something bigger! Can anyone give me an educated opinion on the YZ426F vs the YZ250F? I'm looking for the same great pulling power, but more of it. I'm looking for a totally pumped up YZ250F. Is the 426 the bike for me? I don't want the WR426, it weighs too much. I have also considered the CRF450R, but I don't know anyone with one, and have never owned a Honda before, so I figure you guys could help me out. Thanks for any help.


I just sold my 2000 DRZ Kicker and bought a 01 yz426. At first you will be a little disapointed in the lowend of the yz, but only until you discover the amazing mid and top of the 426. On the track the power delivery gives me cheek-pump from grinning from ear to ear. However, for off road and woods be prepared to revalve the suspension (this is an MX bike) and I'm pretty sure you will want a flywheel weight. Also people on the DRZ forum say you won't notice the weight difference, I dont know what they were smoking, this bike feels so light to me. Wait until you push it your ramp into your truck for the first time and nearly park it in the stretch cab. You notice the weight difference. I wouldnt go back but I split time between desert racing, woods and track.


I had a chance to ride a WR 250 today, wonderful bike. It lugs down nice for the real tight stuff, very flickable and not as tiring to ride. If you want to roost just roll it on into the higher rpm range and she goes. Very impressive.

I have a YZ 400 and it pulls hard, the power is very addicting but will tire me out faster in the tight stuff. Not to mention lack of a fly wheel weight. I like the tank/seat setup better on the YZ, easier to get around on.

I can't say anything about the YZ250, never been on one. All I do is trail ride, speaking for myself the big YZ model is trail ridable. Things to consider are flywheel weight, sprockets and of course a spark arrestor

It is up to the individual and what preferences we have. If you get a chance to ride the 250f and 426 you'll get a better feel for what you want. I like them both, they have their pluses in different areas.

Good luck :)

Before I broke my 1st metatarsal and got on the "not physically qualified list" for the rest of the year, I was racing the WORCS series and some of the District 37 GPs. Wished I had a 250f when the WORCS races at Washaugal and Oregon, but needed a 426 for Lucern and Speedworld. The only compromise is to buy one of each.

When I play ride I always end up taking the 250f.

I just made the switch from DRZE to YZ426. I've never looked back! I love the 426! The weight difference is VERY noticeable. It wouldn't hurt to make the susp. a little more woods friendly, but for me(190 lbs.), running the clickers all the way out is working suprisingly well. A flywheel weight is on the wish list. I didn't know what I was missing, until I rode a YZ400 with a 10 oz. weight. Much smoother on bottom! I'm running 13/49 and am pleased with the gearing...even with the close ratio tranny. I also haven't missed the button. My 426 starts quicker/easier than any bike I've had.

I don't see how you would be dissapointed with the 426.

Thanks for all the input, guys, keep it coming, the dealership opens in 3 hours!

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