Clutch Fix 03 450F parts from 02 426

Has any done the clutch fix for the 03 450f by putting in the three parts for the 02 426. I ordered the parts and had a few questions before I put them in.

1. I believe that the cupped ring goes in first ( which way does the cupped side go? toward the basket or away?)

2. Do I take out 1 plate and 1 steel?

As always any help would be great. Thanks...

The ring there, you want the inside to touch the basket side, the outside edges to be facing towards you. Crude:


| Clutch basket/engine side


You remove ONE friction plate. Install the new friction plate, spring and washer.

whats wrong with the '03 450 clutch?

it is grabby just like the stock 00 426 clutch. Add the parts as the 01 update with the spring and washer to make it smoother.

Thanks, I'll put it in tonight and see what I get.

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