white bros pro meg and taperd head pipe.

i have been riding for a week or to and have the white bros system on the way and was wondering if buying it was a good choose. is it better than stock. were will the power increase and were will the power decrease.

That's exactly what I run on my 99 YZ400. According to the pipe shootout dirtwheels did awhile back, it was the pipe with the most improvement over stock. Many other pipes would show bigger power gains at a certain rpm but for most of the rev range, they would perform well below the stock pipe. I switched from a big gun to the WB and didn't notice a huge improvement but the quality is much better. WB makes a solid pipe and you'll be happy with it. Just get their recommended jetting and follow it.

is there a difference between the stock and the white bros.ive heard that you loose a little top end with the white bros but gain in the lot to mid range.

Fireball, the next time thunder Alley is out at Elsinore, Demo one of his pipes. You'll be blown away.

I'm going to have to talk him into going to Glamis so I can Demo there. I don't ride track that much. I really have to say that I don't have much faith in a guy that won't dyno his product. I've been on bikes that feel fast but in actuality, are slower than the comparison bike. Hell, my banshee feels faster than my YZ but it's alot slower.

If I remember right, the WB lost a little in the mid range but not that much. It has plenty of top. I don't notice any power loss but I'm definitely not a pro either. You get to lose the cheesy stock compression seal gasket with the WB pipe. Run it with everything that comes with it. Spark arrestor and everything. After you get used to it, run without the spark arrestor and see if you notice a difference. I can't myself.

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