moto cross tires front and rear

what is the best track tires mostly soft to intermediate terrian.

Perosnal prefreance here

But I have been using the Dunlop 756 front rear.

At first I was not to impressed, but I am sold on the way they just hook up. They wear fast depending on how aggressive you are, but the benifit of traction is the trade off.

Again its personal prefreance...

Ive got the 756's, and the tracks I ride are like polished concrete, with a small amount of sand scattered acrossed it. The 756's are very predictable. Better than the old 490-695 combo. A 739 combo may work better for me in these conditions, but I didnt do that for some reason. I must have issues. :)

Im running a 755 up front and 756 rear works real well I have a 773 rear ready to go.The 755 front is a little softer then the 756 front so it hooks up a little better on an intermediate surface than the 756 front. Hey RAT how is that 773 front on intermediate stuff? 755 front 756 rear great combo!!!

All I see is dunlop 756. Just try the Michelin Starcross MS 2's one time after you've ran the 756's. If you don't believe the tire gives as good or even better grip and last longer, you'll be the first I've met.

I'm with Kfrosty! Just try the Starcross one time. They plain hook up and wear like iron. They are all I run.


I have recently tested the Bridgestone M59 front and the M70 rear. They are great tires for the conditions you describe. The M59 works just as well as the 756 fronts I have used in the past and they hook up better when the track gets dry and harder. The M70 rear is the same way and both tires wear well too.

You're gonna laugh at this one but....I just tested a Maxxis Maxx Cross IT (rear) last night on the mighty 426. It surprised me to find that it hooked up very well on a wet clay (sloppy) track. When the track dried up a bit it hooked up even better. I actually had a bit of trouble keeping the front end down on one straight. I did two practices and three motos and the thing still looks brand new. I was impressed and surprised!!!! I liked it so much I bought one for the 125 too.


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I dont see why you say that we would laugh at that. People are so caught up in the Dunlop prestiege they fail to consider how good the other tires can be. Im not impressed at all with the 739G that came on my bike. Its nearly used up with a good 3/8 radius rounded knobs only after 4 rides. Nevada desert will eat a 739 dunlop in 2 days and a 756 in 1. I dont care how good you think a dunlop hookup is, if it doesnt stay sharp, it doesnt hook up. Im more interested in a longer lasting tire. Not that it means too much, but the pirelli and maxxis fared better in the last shootout by MXA. At 45.99 @ im going for the maxxis and smiling all the way to the bank.


Again personal prefreance, I got a killer deal on the 756's, otherwise I will not pay full price for the tires in the area I live in and the terrain I ride.

I am looking at different tires and buy posts like these I have determine three other types Michlin , Bridgstone and Maxxis.

Now for the amount of riding I do, And the type, See Egos Best Side Post, Its a fair bet My tires will wear out from crashing first :) before I use em up.

I am only loyal to the cheapest I find at the moment

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