tire size

my stock rear is 110/90x19 i want to know what each nunber stands for and if i should get a widder tire. most of my riding is in soft terrian. im probly going to buy the D755 front and rear.

here is my guess: 110X90X19

110 equals width of the tire

90 equals height of the tire

19 equals wheel size or diameter

next larger size is 120x90x19

just don't ask me to convert to millimeters, ie mm.

Rallen dude is correct.

Shawn MC is correct. Maniac

I used to install car tires. I can only assume (yeah, yeah...I know.) they use the same labeling format. The first number (110) is the width in mm. The second number is the height of the sidewall in percentage of the width once again in mm. And the last number is the diameter of the rim it fits. For example:

110 yields 110 millimeters wide

90 is 110 x .9 yielding 99 millimeters tall from the bead to the tread

and the 19 yields a wheel diameter of 19 inches

Yes, it is improper to mix and match inches for millimeters. I have heard that some tire manufacturer's numbers don't pan out just right. Specifically, Michelins. Just compare.

Yeah, everyone is right except for the Michelin thing. Michelin uses the old metric rating system, rather than the newer one most all other manufactures use.

Michelin.....those darn french!

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